Our Communication Team

Anneke Burden                 Communication Manager (South)

Jane Connop                    Communication Manager (West)

Katie Butterworth              Communication Support Worker (South)

Nazia Koser                     Communication Support Worker (West)

Saima Tabassum                Communication Support Worker (West)

Sajad Khan                      Communication Resource Worker

Shelagh Crossley                Consultant for Communication and Training

At Chellow Heights we promote a Communication Rich Environment. This means we use a range strategies and systems to support the communication needs of all our pupils. Click on the links below to find out more.

No tech

Low Tech

High Tech

  • Eye Gaze- we have a number of high-tech eye gaze devices available for classes to use with pupils who have physical and communication difficulties
  • LAMP (Language Aquisition through Motor Planning)
  • high tech devices- we have an Accent 800 and a number of Ipads with dedicated communication software and apps.



    Our Communication team are highly trained in a number of communication support strategies. We offer a range of training workshops and advice to support parents, carers and other professionals.




    Jane Connop

    Saliha Rubani

    Regional Trainers:

    • Anneke Burden
    • Shelagh Crossley

    Local Tutor:

    • Jane Connop

    Intensive Interaction

    Coordinator: Shelagh Crossley

    Qualified Practitioners: Anneke Burden, Jane Connop, Katie Butterworth


    Level 2: Jane Connop

    Level 1: Katie Butterworth

     Upcoming Training




    Makaton Beginners Workshop (for parents/carers)

    SOUTHContact Anneke Burden/Sajad Khan

    WESTContact Jane Connop/ Sajad Khan

    Makaton Foundation Workshop (for Professionals)

    Contact: Anneke Burden/Sajad Khan/ Shelagh Crossley


    Intensive Interaction


    Intensive Interaction Training for Parents

    Contact Jane Connop or Anneke Burden



    The EarlyBird Training Course is currently running. 

    Contact Jane Connop for details of future courses


    YOU MATTER Contact Anneke Burden, Jane Connop or Shelagh Crossley 


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