Our Classes

Our classes are organised according to the needs of the learners. As a school, we decided to take wildlife as a theme for our classes and each class chose their own name. Classes are grouped together into bases.

Click on the class names below or on the left hand side to go to their class page.

The class pages will look different from each other as each class manages its own page and the teachers have their own unique style.

West Site

 Class  Teacher

Base 1  

Early Years

Ladybirds EY            

Rabbits  EY  

Ellie Hughes

Beth Cargill

 Base 2 Classes

Ducks KS1 

Butterflies KS1

Cats KS1

Sarah Burgess/Sylvia Hemmingway

Shona Pearson-Clark

Yousaf Younis

 Base 3 Classes

Penguins KS1

Monkeys KS2  

Meerkats KS2

Brogan Wightman

Anne Carnelly-Lamb

Jenna Hodgkins

 Base 4 Classes

Tigers   KS2

Lions    KS2

Hattie Inglis

Charlotte Booth/Sarah Malley

 Base 5 Classes

Pandas KS2


Leopards KS2

Elephants KS2

Sarah Tennant/Amanda Hannon

Kimberley Hinitt

Saliha Rubani

Base 6


Crocodiles KS2

Emma Clarke

South Site    
Base 1S

Owls EY

Natalie Kitchen/Jenny Barbour


Bears Reception and lower KS1

Turtles KS2

Natalie Kitchen/Jenny Barbour

Liz Finn

Base 2S

Hedgehogs KS1

Chimps KS2

Caroline Milburn

Jess Moor

Base 3S

Otters KS1

Dolphins KS2

Keeley Johnson

Mandy Stevens




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