Our Teacher is Emma. 

Our SNTAs are: Nicole, Paul, Lesley, Briony

In Crocodiles we have daily phonics sessions where we focus on work around environmental sounds but primarily rhythm. We use the resonance board to tap and feel the rhythms of songs, poems and call and response chants.

We use a lot of sounds during our intensive interaction sessions which are undertaken at every opportunity.


Reading in Crocodiles will be shown in many different ways.

We have a cosy reading area, where we can sit on bean bags and sit with adults or independently to look at books. We have been practicing holding the books the right way round, turning the pages, looking at the pictures and listen to the stories that the adult reads.

Our class teacher likes to make a sensory story for each topic. We use the resonance board to help tell these stories and we get to explore lots of different sensory items in the story.

There are also books for us to look at in each area of provision.



Maths happens every where in our classroom. We have a designated maths area within the classroom that has a variety of activities for us to explore.

We also have a colour sorting unit where we can practice finding the same coloured square.

We have lots of access to number and counting activities as part of continuous provision and we also have workboxes which have maths focus.

We use maths as part of our daily routine and have opportunities to count how many children at register time and how mny pieces of fruit at snack time. We are learning to follow routines and anticipate what is going to happen next.


Come back soon to see what we will be getting up in our new classroom...