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Welcome to Elephants

 Welcome back everyone. It is lovely to see all the children looking so happy, well and ready to learn.We are all looking forward to an busy year with lots of fun activities to help us develop and learn new skills.


The staff supporting the children in

Elephants Class this year are........


Our class teacher is:Anne

SNTA'S Sonia, Claire, Marya,Taybah and Samina.  

 During lunch times we also have Support from

Ayesha and Tahira. 

We have just changed from being in Monkeys to Elephants

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or worries we will be happy to help.  The school number is 01274 484242.

These are some of the things we do each week in Elephants class....  

   On Monday we have hydrotherapy  (Please send my swimming kit in

  unless it is kept in school).

    On Tuesday we explore Jungle Gym  and Sensory Corridor

  On Wednesday we get chance to share the wheelchair bike and wheel       chair swing. 

   On Thursday we have PE and sensory garden.

   On Friday we have Food Technology.


  This is a copy of our new weekly time table. If it changes we will let you know.


  When you visit Elephants Class what will you see?

Across school we are now following the early years format so all our children  have the opportunity to learn through continuous provision activities, with the addition of daily focused activity sessions to enhance this provision. Each child  in Elephants  now has their own personal targets and next steps to work on and we aim to provide different resources and activities to support each child's particular learning needs. We plan to make learning fun by developing an environment which provides learning through play. Our ambition is to ensure that all children have resources, activities and learning experiences which they find particularly engaging and consequently have fun whilst learning.


What is continuous provision? 

 Continuous provision is a structure of planned learning activities and resources which are freely available to children everyday of the week. This  provides the children with a constant environment which is safe for them to explore. It enables the children to develop some independence  by  providing the children with choices. Also by offering  the same activities each day  the children to have repeated opportunities to explore practice and develop  different skills and embed knowledge through repetition. Therefore if you have any suggestions regarding your child's favourite toys, music or activities please share them with us.

 But what about  core subjects such as English and Maths?



    This half term our topic is Hidden Treasure

   We will be using our different senses and body actions to find and explore a wide range of sensory treasure resources and activities and we will share many activities aimed at developing our co - ordination and movement skills. We have written our own sensory story involving a treasure hunt fro crown jewels, pirates and dark caves so there should be something of interest for all our children.

 Take a look at our topic web below.

We will probably add to these activities as we go along because we are always searching for new and inventive ways to learn through play.




                                   HOW CAN YOU HELP YOUR CHILD AT HOME?

Here are some suggestions for Homework to support your child's learning this half term.

We will be sending homework home on a Thursday please return it to school the following week so that we can share all the books and resources with your child's class mates. Please use the homework feedback forms you will find in your child's homework bag so that we can ensure the items we send home are useful and fun for you to share with your child. 


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