Our Timetable


On Mondays we have food therapy and rebound.

On Tuesdays we have music and sensory corridor.

On Wednesdays we go swimming.

On Thursday we have jungle gym and our personal care session.

On Fridays we have assembly and relaxation.


This Half Term Our Topic is...

Underground Overground

Look below to see what we are going to be learning!



Homework is sent home on a Friday and is to be returned the following Thursday.

You will need to return the previous homework pack in order to get a new one.

Homework for our children is very different to some classes. The homework we offer is intended to provide children with opportunities to develop their personal, social and emotional skills whilst promoting opportunities for communication and independence.


This half term the homework for our children includes:  

  • Practising touch cues and signs sent home.
  • Following physiotherapy programmes at home
  • Maths: finding vegetables hidden out of sight, counting vegetables and looking at shape and colour of vegetables
  • Literacy - fine and gross motor - Mrs Tiggywinkles Laundry - doing the washing & Sensory play in flowerbeds, water beads, and sand
  • Communication - singing topic songs

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