Please ensure your child has a swimming kit in school with their name clearly labelled on it. 

Welcome to Giraffes! 

Adults who help us in Giraffes are...

Class teacher: Sarah


SNTA's:  Maxine, Saqib, Kolsuma, Rozie and Sofia 


Phonics is accessed differently for the range of learners in our class. We try to tailor our phonics sessions around the Phases the children can access. We will be focusing on the recall of initial letters and sounds in Phase 2 of S, A, T, P, I, N by learning songs and playing 'what's on the tray' games. We will then progress further to phase 3 and 4 digraphs and begin to recognise CVC and tricky words. Some children have developed their understanding of reading and letter recognition further and have begun to access and read books with adult support with the extension task being focused on the comprehension of what the children are reading.

Children have access to a range of letters, games, inset puzzles and books to support them with their reading and letter recognition.

Below are the key words we work on in Class linking to Phonics, please encourage your child to become familiar with these words through reading, feeling, drawing in a range of sensory media and listening to.

Follow this link for support and help with Phonics for your children at home. 


Reading is a big part of learning within our class. The children engage with listening to stories everyday and in particularly exploring sensory stories and call and response. Books are displayed with relevance in the different areas of provision and topic books clearly displayed within our book corner for children to access daily. Children are encouraged to access and explore the books with adults, turning the pages and spotting key characters or reading tricky words they have learnt. Some children are encouraged to read their own books set to their level with an adult and their progress is tracked. 


Maths is a key part of learning within Giraffes, the children have access to a range of number, measure and shape provision in the classroom. During our good morning group children are encouraged to learn and understand the days of the week and months of the year through symbols and signing. We do lots of counting and number recognition as part of our play. We access chance to pour and weigh through use of the water, sand and messy trays and within our weekly food tech sessions. Number formation and recognition is a regular activity, we try to incorporate counting into every day activities and within singing too. Maths is accessed across the curriculum areas particularly within Science and P.E sessions.  

On Wednesday and Friday the children go swimming. Due to numbers and staffing half the children will go on a Wednesday in school and half go out of school to swim on a Friday. Please ensure your child has a swimming costume/ trunks and a towel clearly labelled in school for the year.  

A Homework grid covering the core subjects is sent home each half term with your child, please look at the range of activities and links provided and encourage interaction and time to practice these with your children at home. Any work done, please send in to school for us to see and to share with the class. 

This half terms topic is...

Who am I? 

Our key questions are...

What are your qualities? 

What would you like to be? 

Please find above our topic web for learning in Giraffes. The plan also give you ideas on activities to develop further at home from those that we may begin in school.