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Welcome to Leopards Class

 Teacher: Chantelle

SNTA's:  Beth, Urszula, Rhianna

Lunchtime Support: Niala and Samra


Leopards Learning Motto

Learning is fun

Energetic and enthusiastic

Opportunities for friendship

Practise our Makaton

Achieve our goals

Remember our kind hands

Develop our communication

Share with our friends

Here is an Overview of our week in Leopards


AM Maths 

PM Library and Sensory Corridor 


AM Communication, Language and Literacy and bikes 

PM Understanding the World and PE in the hall 


AM Communication, Language and Literacy and Music 

PM Physical Development in Jungle Gym and PHSE 


AM Maths and Understanding the World - visit to Asda and visit to Zara Center

PM Expressive arts


AM Communication, Language and Literacy and swimming at Bolling Pool

PM Communication, Language and Literacy and swimming at Chellow Heights


We go swimming on a Friday.

A small group go swimming to Bolling pool and a small group swim at Chellow depending on the swimming proficiency of each child.

Please make sure your child has their swimming kit and towel in school.

Thank you :) 

Outdoor Play

We access learning outside in all weathers. We learn in our outdoor area attached to class as well as other spaces around school. Please make sure you send you child in a warm winter coat, hat, scarf, gloves. Please also remember to put your child's name in their clothes.

Thank you!


Leopards class choose a book from the school library to take home every Monday. Please return the book on Friday.


Suggestions of homework activities to support pupil learning:

  • Practice half term signs/symbols sent home
  • Read and share the book your child has chosen for homework from the library
  • When out and about, talk about/look for animals that live underground and overground. Talk about things you might find if you were to dig up soil in the local area. Talk about/look for transport on the roads, in the sky and in water. 
  • When at home you could explore the garden and look for things that are overground and underground. Engage you child in gardening activities.


We have lots of things in class and around school to help us develop our maths skills. Within our continuous provision we have a maths area that supports our number and counting skills. We have lots of activities around the class in different areas that help us to develop our shape space and measure skills such as exploring different sized containers to explore pouring and filling in the sand, mud kitchen, water and messy play areas. We learn about routines daily and how to follow them by using a class timetable. This helps us to know what is happening next and throughout the day. We learn about transition to different areas around school by using symbols to let people know where we have gone to learn.

We have lots of opportunities both in and out of the classroom to develop of maths skills.


We really enjoy mark making through a sensory curriculum and have lots of opportunities to develop our fine and gross motor skills in the classroom. We have Literacy area in the classroom where we can make marks on topic related pictures as well as using our own imagination to draw what we want and write about it using various writing tools. We have a messy play tray that has dry and wet resources for us to practice our early mark making skills and we love to get messy! There are lots of places around the classroom that allow us to explore and develop our skills in this area as well.


We do phonics daily as part of our singing and signing session. We cover phonics through using aspects of Letters and Sounds, See and Learn and Ruth Miskin 'Read Write Inc'. In our class we are all at different stages in phonics so as well as our daily session, we use lots of voice sounds in intensive interactions, we explore rhythm and rhyme, body percussion and instrumental sounds in our music area, we have lots of access to letters in our continuous provision areas and we develop our experiences of environmental sounds when moving around school.


Reading in our class is shown in many different ways. We all really enjoy looking at books, either on our own or with an adult. Lots of us use symbols communicate by exchanging one symbol, forming short symbol sentences and using symbolized communication books. We track light and sound when working on the computer and in our sensory areas around school. We also track objects and images during Physical Development sessions.

We really enjoy listening to and taking part in topic stories. We have a lovely book area within our continuous provision in the classroom as well as access to the school library every week. We choose a book to take home for homework that we can share with our family.            

Spring 2 2018

This half term our topic is...

Underground Overground

We will be learning about Dinosaurs and Fossils and we will be having a 'Big Dig' as part of our WOW.

Please have a look at some of the other activities we will be doing to support our learning in all curriculum areas through this topic at school and what you can do at home as well...

Spring 1 2018

This half term our topic is...


We will be learning about Peter Pan and will be having a pajama party as an exit WOW.

Have a look at some of the other things we will be doing to support our learning through this topic...

Autumn 2 2017

This half term our topic is...

Hidden Treasure!

We will be learning about Royal Treasures and will be doing a treasure hunt as part of our WOW.

Have a look at some of the other things we will be doing to support our learning through this topic...

Autumn 1 2017

This half term our topic is...

Busy Body!

We will be learning about People Who Help us and will be having a visit from our local PCSO as part of our WOW. 

Have a look at some of the other things we will be doing to develop our knowledge of people who help us...

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