What have Lions done this year?

This is the page where you can see some of the work we've been doing throughout the year. We update it weekly so come back again to see more of the fantastic work that the Lions do.


Autumn Term (Sep-Dec 2014)



Spring Term (Jan-Mar 2015)


First half term


Week 1 (5 Jan - 9 Jan)

We started our new topic The Wizard of Oz and started looking at the colours of the rainbow. In our literacy lessons we focussed on the initial letters of our names.


Week 2 (12 Jan - 16 Jan)

We had a The Wizard of Oz 'wow' with a visit from the scarecrow. In our food tech. lesson we saw how ice can turn to water and the weather meant we could do the same with snow! We also carried on looking at the first letters of our names and got lots of exercise in soft play and the swimming pool.


Week 3 (19 Jan - 23 Jan)

We continued to look at The Wizard of Oz, we also looked at the initial letters of our names and in RE investigated some objects connected with Islam. In our food tech lesson we looked at how chocolate melted when it got warm. We pretended to fly to hot and cold places and experienced different temperatures and how we would dress for them. Once again we got to go out in the snow and play with our friends from other classes and throw snowballs at them!


Week 4 (26 Jan - 30 Jan)

We concentrated on the Tin Man when we looked at The Wizard of Oz. We also carried on working with the initial letters of our names and in RE investigated some objects connected with Hinduism. In our food tech lesson we investigated jelly, experiencing how it changed from hard dry crystals to liquid to wobbly, delicious jelly. We also found time to look at books, make marks and count tin foil balls.


Week 5 (2 Feb - 6 Feb)

We focussed on the Wicked Witch when we looked at The Wizard of Oz. We made some Angel Delight in our food tech lesson, looking at how it changed from a powder to a squishy dessert. Our rainbow colour for this week was red and some of us showed great progress in our recognition of numbers and quantities up to three.


Week 6 (9 Feb - 13 Feb)

When we looked at The Wizard of Oz this week we concentrated on Glinda the Good Witch. We dressed like her and explored bubbles like the one she travels round in. We also carried on looking at the initial letters of our names and in RE we looked at objects to do with Sikhism. Finally, we rounded off our topic by having a wizard and some witches come in to do some magic for us on Friday afternoon.


Second half term


Week 1 (23 Feb - 27 Feb)

We started our new topic: Black Holes. We were looking at space and the planets. Some of us loved exploring and using the black hole on the floor. We painted a picture of space for our new display and used green and blue to paint planet Earth. In science we looked at and felt things that grow on planet Earth. We tasted some of them and we all loved the basil!


Week 2 (2 Mar - 6 Mar)

We carried on studying space, concentrating on Mars, the red planet, in science. We made models of Mars, looked at lots of different red things and painted pictured of aliens. Of course, we also carried on with our usual literacy and numeracy activities working on the first letters of our names, mark making and the numbers 1-5.


Week 3 (9 Mar - 13 Mar)

We made some really good progress this week, particularly in our maths and music. We also did some good playing together and sharing. Lions gave the school's new wheelchair bike its maiden run and we all had fun on Friday for Comic Relief.


Week 4 (16 Mar - 20 Mar)

We carried on our good work in maths and literacy. Everyone joined in beautifully in our session with the resonance board and a couple of us carried on with some independent work on it afterwards. We studied the moon in our science lesson and at the end got to taste some real space ice cream.

Week 5 (23 Mar - 27 Mar)

We did yet more good work in maths and literacy. In food tech we made some chocolate cornflake Easter buns and we made good use of the pleasant spring weather in our gardening lesson. On Friday we did lots of things to celebrate Easter: painting eggs, an egg hunt, eating hot cross buns and egg rolling.



Summer Term (Apr-Jul 2015)


First half term


Week 1 (13 Apr - 17 Apr)

We had a fantastic 'Wow' introducing our new subject, Reflections and Under The Sea. Most of did lots of good work during it, engaging with the activities, although one or two us ended up very wet! We had a similar problem in our painting where although we got a lot of paint on the paper we also got a lot on our faces. There was some good progress in climbing and holding and throwing balls in soft play and in RE we baptised some dolls as part of learning about Christianity.


Week 2 (20 Apr - 24 Apr)

We celebrated the school's 5th birthday with a bouncy castle and ice cream. We also celebrated St. George's day by dressing up, listening to a story about St. George and having scones and jam for our snack. Some of us got to improve our balance by going donkey riding and others got to pet a pony that visited the school. One of us took part in a sports tournament with other schools. We also did lots of good work in our music and literacy lessons improving our listening and motor skills and in science we studied our reflections in mirrors and water.


Week 3 (27 Apr - 1 May)

We found some new drums to play in our music lesson, to go with the ones we have been playing so well recently. There was some good work in our literacy lessons with several of showing great progress but we also managed to get messy again! In science we explored light and dark. We finished off the week with an impromptu music session where we did lots of great singing and vocalisation through the mike that Mike brought with him.


Week 4 (5 May - 8 May)

We did lots this week despite only having four days in school. In our first literacy session we looked at jellyfish from our book Commotion In The Ocean and then Areeba and Ameeliah made one and Haris explored the tentacle-like spaghetti. In food tech. Ameeliah, Mukar and Haris were trying out spreading butter and jam on toast with a knife. Haris and Mukar experienced emptying and filling containers in our maths session. Haris and, especially, Awais had great fun swimming this week. After another maths session we celebrated Tom's birthday and Tom did really well telling us "I like it. Cake". Haris and Areeba did some good work in science showing us their understanding of shadows. During the lesson we had a visit from some chicks which all the children enjoyed. And Tom impressed Jenna by letting her know he wanted to go to rebound - and then impressed her with his rebounding!


Week 5 (11 May - 15 May)

This week we carried on looking at our book Commotion In The Ocean and made some turtles like the ones we'd read about. Areeba made really good progress in her literacy, particularly in her use of PECS. In RE we looked at Buddhist artefacts. Awais liked the musical instruments and spent time trying to work out how to get the best sound out of the bell. Tom explored the classroom after covering himself in a sari. Areeba took on the role of teacher and encouraged Haris to look at a statue of Buddha. Mukar did really well joining in with our activities this week and Ameeliah also concentrated well on some of her work.


Week 6 (18 May - 22 May)

In the final week of the first half of summer term we continued working hard in our literacy and maths activities. Haris did really well throwing a big ball with both hand and Mukar joined in and concentrated on several sensory activities. We celebrated the last day before the holiday with a walk to the park where we all had fun.


Second half term


Week 1 (2 June - 5 June)

We started our new topic: Rainforest Explorers. We explored lots of forest vegetation like leaves and sticks and made some leaves to stick on our new display. In our maths lessons we were learning about big and tried to identify which animals were big and which were small.


Week 2 (8 June - 12 June)

In our maths lesson Areeba and Mukar both did really good work with stacking cups as we continued looking at 'big' and 'small'. There was lots of good mark making from everyone when we painted caterpillars as part of our work looking at life cycles. Haris worked hard at controlling his drumming in our music lesson and Mukar did really well joining in the session with his friends. Awais worked at getting the best sound out instruments he was given and also did some good work controlling the big screen. In our Friday afternoon pamper session Areeba combed her own hair and helped combing her friends' hair and painting their nails.


Week 3 (15 June - 19 June)

In our maths lessons we continued looking at 'big' and 'small' and Haris and Awais both did well searching for numbers. Areeba exceeded our expectations when she matched animals to their sounds on the big screen and she met her ojective of dipping the back of her head in the water when she went swimming. Ameeliah joined in with a lot of activities this week. Tom and Mukar went into the wood to collect leaves for our rain forest tray. In our Friday afternoon pamper session Areeba combed her own hair and Jenna's and did a really good job painting Brett's nails.


Week 4 (22 June - 26 June)

As well as our usual lessons we had lots going on at school this week. We all went to the Bollywood dancing session that Harjinder had organised for us and had great fun. On Friday it was sports day. Ameeliah loved being on the bike, especially as Brett was doing the pedalling! Haris, Ameeliah, Mukar and Areeba all did well in the races and Haris and Areeba showed the cricket coach how well they could throw.


Week 5 (29 June - 3 July)

This week we had a problem with our camera so we didn't get as many photos of our work as usual. But here you can see Areeba, Tom and Awais doing some work on the big screen. Haris was showing us how well he could manipulate play dough and throw a football with both hands. Mukar did some good work with Kalsooma at the water tray, staying with her for far longer than usual and selected his own photo at Sophie's request. Tom and Awais didn't want to go to cinema club on Friday but enjoyed the popcorn!