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At the end of last half term, Monkeys held an art auction as part of our Enterprise topic to raise money for new resources for our outdoor area.  Staff, Parents, Families and Carers were invited to place bids on our artwork, and the highest bid got to take away the masterpiece that they had chosen. 

Prices started at £1, some bids reached £10!!

A Gallery of the art that was for sale can be seen below......

WE RAISED ......................


Summer Term 2 2016

This term we will be continuing to develop our friendships as we have fun learning and playing together.  Our Topic this half term is We are the Champions - Winning and Losing we are looking forward to lots of fun activities.  Our call and response story is 'The Hare and the Tortoise', this half term we will be exploring lots of different types of sports.


Our homework is slightly different to many classes within school.  The homework we offer and send home is planned to help develop our children’s communication and physical needs as well as develop their sense of personal, social and emotional awareness while promoting independence.

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