Welcome to Penguins class 

Welcome to Penguins Class Page! Here you will Welcome to Penguins class find information about what we do in penguins through half term blogs, homework and planning. 

Your child's home-school diary will be sent home each day- please check it as this will be used to sent home letters and important information. If you wish to talk to me in person please arrange a meeting either in person or over the phone. I am always happy to talk with you! 

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Meet the team

Brogan is Penguins class teacher, she is supported by 4 SNTA's who are; Haleema, Sydra, Ammarah and Obead. At lunchtime Sadiah also supports Penguins class. 


We are all dedicated to supporting your child in all areas of learning, in a safe and fun environment.


**Pictures of staff coming soon**

What our week looks like

*This timetable is subject to change*