Welcome to Rhinos! 


Meet the Team:

Teacher- Saliha Rubani.

Special Needs Teaching Assistants- Briony, Christine, Samina and Neelam


We are a small Assessment Unit with four pupils. We are a new class to school and opened in January 2018. The pupils in Rhinos have lots of Interventions and support from the Haven Team. Our main aim is to work on self regulating strategies and developing social skills and emotional well being. 



Phonics and Reading in Rhinos Class

We use both Letters and Sounds and the National Curriculum to support our phonics and reading skills. We are learning to recognise graphemes, phoneme sounds and learning to blend, segment, read and spell CVC words.   



Maths in Rhinos Class

In maths we use Development Matters and the National Curriculum to plan. Our Maths lessons are delivered in a Formal structure and all pupils have access to the Maths area as part of Continuous Provision. This gives children the opportunity to develop Maths Skills independently, in pairs and in small groups. 


All areas of the curriculum are supported by the use of ICT and Continuous Provision.

Long Term Plan

Here is our Long Term Plan, showing all the topics we will be covering this year.

It also shows the main subjects of learning and suggestions to enhance your child's learning.

Keep checking back as it will keep updated throughout the year


Topic Web- Spring 2


We will be learning about Dinosaurs and fossils. Please look at the Topic Web below for ideas of what you can do at home. 




Topic Web- Summer 1


We will be learning about Ancient Egypt. Please look at the Topic Web below for ideas of what you can do at home.