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Turtles are Key Stage 2 class.

The class teacher is Jane

and she is supported in class by SNTA's

Anne, Carol, and Sandra 

Communication, Language and Literacy

In Turtles we follow an early years curriculum and all our work is carried out in a totally communication rich environment.

We use touch cues and objects of reference to help us know where we are going and we love to take part in intensive interact with adults in class.

We love to listen to songs, stories and nursery rhymes and take part in sensory stories. We develop our fine and gross motor skills through sensory and messy play.

Phonics in class is listening to environmental and familier sounds and identifying them.

Reading in Turtles is litening to and sharing stories together as a class, individually with and adult and sharing books at home with our families too.

Maths teaching and learning.

In Turtles we use an early years curriculum and all maths work is done through rhyme and in continuous provision..

Maths activities are topic based and hands on. They include colour matching objects to cards and pictures, threading using colour of the day or mixing colour of the day with an alternative colour to create a basic pattern, shape sorting, posting and number rhymes as well as counting out load in various activities with an adult.


There is opportunity throughout the day for our children to access continuous provision, to further develop their  numeracy, literacy, fine motor and ICT skills.


.We go swimming every other Tuesday or Thursday. A note will be put in your child's diary to inform you when they will be going.  Please ensure children have their swimming kits on these days. Thank you.

Autumn Term 1.

This half term we are learning all about our very busy bodied!

We will be learning where our ears, eyes, noses, tongues and hands are.

Spring term 2

This half term we are learning all about animals that live in holes. We are learning about badgers, moles, foxes and rabbits as well as insects.

You can see what we are covering in this topic on our topic web and planning below.

Here are some photos of us at work learning all about animals and their habitats through our continuous provision. 

Previous Topics

Spring Term 1

This half term we are learning all about weather, feelings, colours and characters using the story The Wizard of Oz.

You can see what we are going to be learning on our plan and  topic web below.

Our community visits will take place on Friday mornings , so please make sure the children have a warm coat and sensible shoes. Thank you.

Autumn Term 2

This half term we are looking at What sort of party's we have in our topic Hooray!

We have looked at Halloween and Diwali. We will also be looking at Birthday party's, Autumn and Thanksgiving and finish off with Christmas.

This half term we have been finding out all about people who help us in our community as part of our topic ' Who are you?'

We go swimming every other Thursday so please remember your swimming kits!

Last Years Topics

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