NHS Support

NHS Support & Continuing Care

Due to the needs of our pupils we work closely with the NHS.

We receive advice from

  • Staff from the SEND nursing service
  • Speech and Language Therapy Service
  • a physiotherapist
  •  an Occupational Therapist

The amount of time we receive is dependent on the Local Authority commissioned support for all the special schools and the amount of time and support each of the schools requires.  They provide support and advice in order for our staff to meet your child’s needs. We get specialist programmes to follow in school and we regularly host Team Around the Child (TAC) meetings in school.

We have also got a service level agreement with High Park School for support from a specialist occupational therapist for support with pupils requiring deep pressure and vestibular and proprioceptive support for sensory integration.

A nurse and assistant attend school daily to support our staff meeting the needs of our pupils. We also work closely with Continuing Care partners who provide our most poorly pupils with support in class medical support where needed.

Paediatricians hold regular  clinics at school so that parents and carers do not have to take children out of school to attend appointments.

The NHS also provides us with support and training to enable staff to provide appropriate medical interventions and in turn we provide placements for their trainees requiring specialist placements.

The School Nursing Service has issued a guide to the services they provide at Chellow, click here to download your copy.

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