Chellow Heights is a new school but where possible we would like to help other schools develop their inclusive practice. Visits to the school as always welcome but if you want some more specific help please contact us. Below are some of the things we can offer.

Support in developing communication skills

Shelagh Crossley is our assistant head. One of her roles in our school is to develop communication rich environments and to provide assessments of communication needs. If you want some advice about communication, an assessment or to know more about developing communication rich environments to support learning, please contact us.

Support for special needs in a mainstream environment.

Working inclusively is not easy. As every child is an individual, so every child's needs are unique.

We can offer you support in  accommodating children with special needs within a mainstream setting, developing individualised programmes for pupils, working with P levels for assessment and target setting purposes and developing a movement and co-ordination programme to support pupils with specific learning needs.

Advanced Skills Teacher

At the moment we have an advanced skills teacher for early years working for us. From next April, our second advanced skills teacher who specialises in both SEN and in music will return to us from a secondment we hope. If you feel that you may need this type of support you should contact Education Bradford to see if it is available.