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Shanidar Teaching School Alliance

Shanidar Teaching School Alliance is a new Teaching School Alliance in 2017-18 which is still being fully established. It was set up to have a focus on SEND and was formed from the  alliance of 3 lead special schools 

  • Southfield Grange Trust            lead school for school to school support 
  • Chellow Heights Special School     lead school for CPD & YSEP ITT
  • Delius Special School                lead school for ITT

We are joined in this partnership by 

  • Beckfoot Hazelbeck Special School
  • Beckfoot Phoenix
  • Beechcliffe Special School
  • Central Pru
  • Delius Special School
  • High Park School
  • Oastler School
  • Swain House Primary
  • Titus Salt School 

The TSA Director is Karen Vaughen contactable through Southfield Special School 

We will update the information here are we become more established and the website is set up.

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