Our Governing Body usually meets half termly. 

The Governing Body is a member of the National Governors Association (NGA) and The Governors section of The KEY.

For more information about Governors Meetings and Committees please click HERE


We currently have a vacancy for a Parent Governor. If you have a child at the school and would like to be a governor please contact us.

We are also recruiting for a co-opted governor. You do not have to have a child at the school to become a co-opted governor. If you are interested please contact school for more information

Governors Attendance 2020-21

Name Elected End of Term of Office Role Attendance 2019-20 Aut 1 2020-21 Aut 2 2020-21 Spr 1 2020-21
John Lambert LA Governor April 22
  • Chair of Governors
  • Finance Staffing & Buildings Committee  (FSBC) - CHAIR
  • Headteacher Appraisal - CHAIR
100% Y Y Y
Shelagh Crossley Co-opted Governor January 23
  • FSBC   
  • EYFS     
100% Y Y Y
Maria Greenwall Parent Governor Nov 21
  • Vice Chair
  • Headteacher Appraisal
  • Chair of Curriculum Standards & Safeguarding Committee (CSSC) - CHAIR
  • Child Protection & Safeguarding
  • CLA
  • Pupil Premium
60% Y Y Y
Sue Haithwaite Ex Officio NA
  • FSBC
  • CSSC
100% Y Y Y
Sue Thompson Staff Governor Sept 23
  • FBSC
100% Y Y Y
Anne Slack Associate Governor Sept 23
  • CSSC
100% Y Y Y
Beth Cargill Associate Governor Sept 23
  • FSBC
  • CSSC
100% Y Y Y
Caroline Milburn Associate Governor Sept 23
  • CSSC
100% Y Y Y

Former Governors in last 12 monnths

  • Trefor Howorth Associate Governor left May 2020 - Covid prevented attendance at meetings. 100% ATTENDANCE

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