Access Plan

As a special school we aim to promote inclusion both within school and the wider community. The school aims to comply with paragraph 3 of schedule 10 to the Equality Act 2010

Chellow Heights West, Heaton is a specially designed special school which is six years old. It has ramps, lifts to give access to both floors, wide corridors, hoist equipment, disabled toilets, hygiene rooms and shower rooms.It also has some special facilities such as a rebound room, sensory integration soft play space, light and sound room and hydro pool in addition to classroom and other learning spaces. Externally we have a sensory garden, wheelchair accessible activity fort with two person slide to allow for supported 'sliding' and a courtyard with a switch activated fountain.  

Our south site at Low Moor, is a refurbished old school which opend in September 2014. As an old building some 'reasonable adjustments' have had to be made to make the school disabled friendly and we are continuing to develop the school and its grounds. The school has both stepped and ramped access to the school and to play areas. We have had the corridors and doors widened where possible to give better access to pupils in wheelchairs. keeping the area of the school where corridors cannot be widened for administration and meeting purposes. In this space, the meeting room was accessed via steps but we have now had the floor leveled.  The school has also developed a sensory integration soft play room, two light and sound rooms and a library space since opening in order to give the pupils  equality of provision on both sites and it is now working on developing the exterior sensory garden.

Pupils are mostly transported to school (both sites) by the LA and are dropped off in secure car parks. Parents who bring in their own children can drop off in disabled parking bays or, if they prefer can also drop off in the secure area. 

For the latest access plan please click the link below.

Access Plan 2015-18

Access Plan 2018-21 coming soon! 

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