Charges & Contributions

Activity Money - Parental Contributions

We ask that all parents contribute £2  a week  to support learning and enrichment activities. These activities include baking, community visits, inter school or inter site sports activities, sensory resources for pupils requiring a significant sensory curriculum above that which would normally be expected to be provided e.g. food therapy interventions which is a therapy to support pupil tolerance to textures on their hands, not to tastes.

All pupils bake whether or not that are entrally fed, as this is an important aspect of our curriculum for developing the following skills

  1. physical skills - gross and fine motor which supports pupil literacy development in writing
  2. language and social skills such as turn taking and making choices
  3. reading skills
  4. maths skills such as weighing and measuring
  5. health and well being skills such as
    • understanding about healthy eating
    • promoting safety messages.

This parental contribution also contributes towards the cost of hiring large buses for full classes to access the local community and the running costs of  our school minibuses. We use the buses to access the community to give our pupils further learning opportunities which prepare them for the future, something our parents are very keen on. These community visits support pupils in developing

  1. daily living skills such as shopping, visiting a park, going to a cafe etc.
  2. mathematical skills,
  3. reading and literacy skills
  4. physical skills
  5. social skills
through the activities we expect pupils to complete whilst out in the community. These activities are designed to support their future independence as well as our creative curriculum work.
We also use the funding to support us paying for Donkey Therapy which classes access on a rota basis. This enhances the work we do to support pupils social, emotional and mental health as well as their communication and physical skills.

The Donkey Sanctury is open to the public click the donkey photo below to go to their website for more information about their opening times (Leeds Centre) and Donkey Therapy. 

Charges for Educational Visits and Therapies

In addition to the above weekly £2 contribution, we may also ask for additional parental contributions from time to time. These would be towards the costs of any out of additional therapies not covered by a pupil's Educational Health and Care Plan. At present the school doesn't charge for any therapeutic interventions.

The school may also ask for contributions towards other educational visits. Details about these visits and the charges come out as appropriate.

Important notice - whilst we hope all parents will contribute to the costs of our enriched curriculum and educational visits no pupil will be penalised and prevented from joining in activities because they haven't contributed. However, we may have to cancel some activities if we do not have sufficient funds. Pupils in receipt of Free School Meals will have financial support for Educational Visits through the Pupil Premium Funding. 

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