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 Stars of the Week

Each week we celebrate our pupils achievements through our star of the week assemblies. These take place on Friday mornings for our Shooting Stars and Friday afternoon for our Stars. Our stars have a certificate to bring home and has their name displayed on our school tree and on the display board in the hall for a week.

Special Book

Children come to get their names in 'Special Book' for a wide variety of achievements throughout the week. This may be for achieving a class target, being kind to friends, achieving something special like walking for the first time or being brave enough to visit a new place. They share their achievements with a member of the Senior Leadership Team and get to choose a reward from our  'special drawers'.

For the senior leaders its a special time to share those 'magic moments'. At the moment the School Council are looking at how to develop this further. Make sure you let your School Councillor and Class Champion know what you want!

Parents Contributions to Achievements.

We welcome information from parents about the achievements your child has made at home. This can be anything from being toilet trained to accessing a meal in the community, smiling at you, enjoying reading their book to you at home. Anything you want to celebrate with us.

You can write these in the home school books, ring us or write on the special stars that our Early Years classes send home. 

Other Achievements

Pupils, staff and parents have worked hard to gain many achievements since we opened. These include:

The Eco School Bronze award, the Olympic and Para Olympic Values, Healthy Schools and Gold Standard for Healthy Teeth and  the Sainsbury's School Sport Bronze Award, the Engaging Families Award, Investors in Pupils  and Investors in Health, Positive Looking Gold AwardStem Award and Music Mark 

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