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School Contacts

Monday to Friday Please phone the school on the school site number

WEST (HEATON) 01274 484242               SOUTH ( LOW MOOR) 01274 679972

Saturday/ Sunday TEXT ONLY 07776373537 and leave the following information

your child's name,



date symptoms started ,

the date you took your child for a test if you have done so

YOU(Parents/Carers) or other family members or support bubble members have symptoms:

- get a test

- isolate yourself and your family and your support bubble from the day your symptoms start until you have your test results. This means no one in your household or support bubble should go to work, school, shopping or beyond your house and garden. 

Test result POSITIVE -YOU must isolate for 10 days from the day your symptoms started.

YOUR FAMILY AND SUPPORT BUBBLE must isolate for 14 days from that date or follow the latest guidance given you when you get your results back. If any of them develop symptoms, they get a test and the process starts again. If you have already had a positive result and isolated you may be able to return to work or school. Speak to the school/ managers

Test result NEGATIVE - you can return to work or school when you are well and have been well for 48 hours . 

Please contact the school and tell us who in your family/ support bubble has the symptoms.

If your support bubble has a different postcode to your address we also would like that information as well. 

Monday to Friday Please phone the school on the school site number

WEST (HEATON) 01274 484242               SOUTH ( LOW MOOR) 01274 679972

Saturday/ Sunday TEXT ONLY 07776373537 and leave the following information

your child's name, class, date symptoms started and relationship to your child.

Also the date close contact of chils they went for a test if they have done so or if they have been unable to get a test. 

If they are in your support bubble and live in a different postcode please tell us their postcode.

If you are willing to also leave the name of the person in family with symptoms.

This information about family members is what we are asked for from Public Health England for data collection purposes and is not retained by school. We adhere strictly to our GDPR and confidentiality policies.  

Frequently Asked Questions

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The west site is fully closed. Pupils will being to return from 28th September. We will contact families with your return date. 

South site has been closed for 3 days the week commencing 21st September as a precaution whilst we await the outcome of test results. Thank you for your patience. 


The west site is fully closed and Chimps class closed on the south site.


The west site is now fully closed and the south site open.


Partial Opening for pupils on our west site. You will have had a phonecall or email from your class teacher informing you of the latest information

South site is fully open.

Having to teach your child at home! 

For homework for your child, please see our 'Classes' page with links to our classes and general homework page. 

There will also be homework from Pete on his music page and Rachel on her Home and Hospital page for you to join in with your children. 

Please email: to contact your class teacher.

For support with activities, you can also use free access to Twinkl. 

Setting this up is really easy to do - go to and enter the code UKTWINKLHELPS

Please see our Chellow Heights Facebook Page for more ideas.

Latest Updates

25.3.20 Open Letter from Vicky Ford MP

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Special School update 24.3.20 please click here

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Wednesday 18th March 2020 - Update from Sue Haithwaite - Executive Headteacher

Dear all
The only information we have received at this time is the general information we posted earlier from the council.
At Chellow, your child’s safety is our priority and we continue to work with public health, the LA and other special schools during this very difficult time.
We had to close on the grounds of health and safety and at the moment the school remains closed for this reason.
I will update you again as soon as I am able and have any further information
Hoping you are all keeping safe and well.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) update statement from Bradford Council Leader Cllr Susan Hinchcliffe (Tuesday, 17 March 2020).

Tuesday 17th march 2020

Dear parents and carers

School Closure due to Coronovirus (Covid 19)

The school leadership have been following the advice from Public Health England throughout this developing crisis with coronavirus (Covid 19), and last night the guidance changed as follows:

1.although the guidance is titled "Protecting older people and vulnerable adults", nevertheless it states "any age member of a vulnerable group with an underlying health condition" which it explains means "anyone instructed to get a flu jab each year on medical grounds".
2. the Public Health England guidance then describes these medical grounds as including people with "a learning disability or cerebral palsy".
3. and gives prescribed steps for 'social distancing' that include: "avoid non-essential use of public transport", "avoid large gatherings, and gatherings in smaller public spaces such as pubs, cinemas, restaurants, theatres" and "avoid gatherings with friends and family. Keep in touch using remote technology".
Chellow Heights leadership have taken the view that this new guidance suggests that a special school environment, with daily PTS transport journeys, is a riskier place for your child to be during the 'delay phase' of the epidemic, than to be at home with you, where you can shield them from contact with others as far as is possible.

This means that we will close both Chellow Heights School West and South with effect from tomorrow, Wednesday 18th March. We will meet and work with the Local Authority in Bradford, and Public Health England to monitor the situation and to re-open as soon as we are able.

Yours sincerely

 Sue Haithwaite

Executive Headteacher