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Chellow Heights West (Heaton)
Thorn Lane
Bingley Road
Tel: 01274 484242
If you are using a SAT NAV to find Chellow West please use the postcode BD9 6RY

Chellow Heights South (Low Moor)
Netherlands Avenue
Low Moor
Tel: 01274 679972

We welcome comments and feedback from parents, carers and visitors. We also do our best to keep people informed of what is happening and answer any questions you may have.

To give us feedback or for more information about the school please contact the office on the numbers above  

People who may be able to help you 


Will answer your calls and support you in contacting the person you need to speak to.
Anne Slack Deputy Head (Based on South) & Admissions South
Juliann Wagsraff AHT  Admissions KS1 West & SENDCO
Caroline Milburn Deputy Head (West) & Admissions KS2 West. 

John Lambert Chair of Governors
Helen Willett Headteacher
Doremi Littlewood Interventions Director
Paula Craven AHT CLA pupils and Attendance
Claire Speight Business Manager


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