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Welcome from the Headteacher




Welcome to our school website.

I am very proud to lead Chellow Heights School in its drive to be a world class school. You can found out more about our Vision, Values and Aims by visiting these pages on the website. My personal aim when I came to open Chellow Heights School was to make a difference for children with SEND in Bradford. I believe wholeheartedly, that we are achieving this. 

Governors, staff and parents want the best for our pupils in all aspects of their development, their education and their future lives. We work in partnership together to achieve this. This partnership has been recognised through our ' Engaging Families Award'.  

We all have high expectations for our children. We expect them to try their best to learn and to develop a wide range of skills. Again, we have been recognised in putting pupils first by gaining 'Investors in Pupils' status.

We believe that pupils have the best opportunities to succeed if we develop their communication, personal and social and physical skills and these form the core of our curriculum. We also expect them to attend well, develop independence and behave so that they and others, can learn. We help them to learn to make 'the right choices', to develop their knowledge and skills and celebrate their successes. We believe that success breeds success.  

Staff are proud to work at our school and we all work hard to ensure that our pupils, parents and carers have a safe and happy time with us and meet our high expectations. We are a very popular school and have grown dramatically in the last 7 years from 54 pupils when the school opened to having two sites and over 250 pupils on roll. 

You can follow what we do on our Facebook Page. 

We are happy to show prospective parents and professionals round either site. Please contact us to make an appointment. For further information about admissions to school please go to our admissions information. 

We hope you find everything you need within the web pages but if not, please contact us and we will try to help with any questions you may have. 

If you phone Chellow West, you are likely to speak to one of our admin team: Yvonne, Julia, Claire, Viv, Jeanette or Olivia. If you phone our south site, you are likely to speak to Toni, Yvonne S or Jeanette.

On the contacts page, there is also a list of people you may wish to speak to if you have a specific question. 

We look forward to hearing from you.

Mrs Sue Haithwaite

Executive Headteacher.

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