Heads Update 

We hope you are having a good half term week.
As I explained in my letter this will be my last half term working for Chellow before I retire. The new headteacher is called Helen Willett and is coming from Blackburn and Darwin. She is going to start to meet with everyone after the half term.
We understand everyone's concerns about the Covid situation. Unfortunately, we have never experienced anything like this before and so we can only do our best with the information available to special schools, which is different from mainstream schools. We are cautious because our pupils cannot social distance and our first duty is to keep everyone as safe as we possibly can.
I will continue to try to keep everyone informed though the Class DOJO platform, the website and our Facebook pages. We will continue to send specific messages via text or ensuring you get phone calls from members of staff. 
Please continue to contact us at school or your class teachers if you have concerns want more resources etc. Our number on west. Heaton is 01274 484242 and south . Low Moor is 01274 679972.
We will try to ensure that the  'new world' of a mixed virtual and real school continues to help you support you and your children.
Continue to take care and keep safe