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Pupil Premium Grant

Please click the links below to see our annual pupil premium report.

pupil_premium_action_plan 2019-20.pdf

Our next review of Pupil Premium is in April 2020

 Our governor for Pupil Premium is: Maria Greenwall

Pupil Premium is a government grant given to schools for pupils identified through the school census who are aged 5 and over and are disadvantaged i.e. in receipt of Free School Meals or have received them in the last 6 years (Ever 6) and for Service children.. A Pupil Premium payment (Pupil Premium Plus, PP+) is also made for pupils who are Looked After by the Local Authority or have ceased to be Looked After by the Local Authority due to adoption or other special circumstance.  Early Years Pupil Premium (EYPP) is given for pupils who are 3 or 4 years old in receipt of free Early Years education. 

The Pupil Premium grant was introduced in April 2011 and is given to schools by the DFE for the specific purpose of raising the attainment of pupils from disadvantaged backgrounds and to support 'narrowing the gap' in attainment between them.    (For more information from the DFE please click here.)

At Chellow Heights, due to their special education needs, pupils will never achieve the expected levels of those in mainstream schools. however, we aim to ensure all pupils make good and better progress in learning from their individual starting points. We use the vast majority of the Pupil Premium Grant  to

  1. Ensure Quality Teaching
      • Training for staff 
      • Provision of specialist teachers 

2.Provide Targeted Interventions

      • contribute towards funding our Intervention Teams and their resources
      • to allow disadvantaged pupils to access our additional activities such as Donkey Therapy, specialist music or aromatherapy and massage

3. Support Other Approaches to Learning by providing 

      • Training for parents
      • after school clubs
      • support for educational visits
      • school uniform, including re-usable swim pants where this is used as a communication system ( object of reference) for pupils. 

We see this as the best way to 'diminish the difference' in attainment and to support disadvantaged pupils to make expected or better progress from their starting points.

We discuss your pupils progress and needs with you at our half term 'Structured Conversation' meetings. At this time, we talk with you about your priorities for your child,their needs, review their progress and interventions received and agree what additional interventions may be required to support your child.

We ensure all pupils for whom we receive Pupil Premium Grant have access to at least one intervention or additional activity to support raising their attainment in schoolThis is identified through a review of pupil need. 

School Uniform 

We do not have a compulsory uniform, however, many of our  families use the school uniform as an object of reference for their pupils to help them understand that they are coming to school and to prepare them for learning.  In 2017-18 we are continuing to  support the purchase of school uniform for families in receipt of Free School Meals (FSM) due to deprivation where there is a need to have a uniform as an object of reference to support their understanding of school and learning. Please contact our Family Support Workers to discuss this further. 

Enrichment Opportunities.

The school may identify a need to support disadvantaged pupils access some enrichment opportunities such as After School Club, Stay and Play, Saturday Swims  or Educational Visits. Where school identifies this as an area of need for pupils an amount of the grant may be allocated towards funding these activities. This is reviewed annually and identified on the Pupil Premium Report. 

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