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Wednesday 23rd September - Food Therapy: Apples, Honey & Pomegranates

The 3 above foods are traditional symbols of Rosh Hashanah. They signify a sweet and prosperous upcoming year

Maybe you could do some Maths patterns using apple or pomegranate printing

A mosaic collage of an apple or a pomegrante

Messy play with honey - sticky and sweet. Can you play without tasting?

Tuesday 22nd September - Home Photo Challenge for Champion House

You all know I volunteer at Champion House and this week is National Art in Care Homes and they have a plan. They want to create a piece of art around “the champion house community”. This includes us Chellow Heights

All they would like is for their friends and family  to send  a picture of “home” it can be a dream home or real, it can be a picture from a magazine or a painting and we shall put them together to create our community

We’d really like you to get involved

This weekend was Rosh Hashanah (Jewish New Year)

Monday 21st September: Honey Bee For Rosh Hashanah

You will need: 

  1. Paper
    2. A piece of bubble wrap 
    3. Paint in two shades of yellow (just add white to one dish to make it lighter)
    4. A black marker pen
    5. A paint brush
    6. Your thumbs
    7. Baby wipes or paper towels for clean-up

Step 1. You’ll need to paint one side of your bubble wrap with the lighter shade of yellow.

Step 2. Then flip the bubble wrap over and stamp it onto the center of your paper. Press it down evenly, making sure that even the corners make contact with your paper. Pull it up and set your paper aside to dry. 

Step 3. Then dip your thumb into the darker yellow paint and stamp at least two thumbprints on your paper. These thumbprints will be your bees.

Step 4. Once your thumbprints are dry, use your black pen or marker and add black stripes, wings and even a smile if you like to the thumbprints to make them look like little bees crawling on some delicious honeycomb.

Have a buzzing day!

This week is Jeans for Genes week - Look out for my Photo coming soon

Thursday 17th September - Digital Story:Minions

Many of you have a Minions DVD but here is a little Minions Mini Movie Clip from You Tube.


Enjoy - hope your bananas are ready!

Wednesday 16th Sept - Food Therapy: Banana Minions

Ba ba ba ba ba nana! Ba ba ba ba ba nana!

Can you feel the skin? Smell? Peel the Banana? Our fav bit squeezing the banana. Can you feel it in your fingers? squishy!

Now for the serious business :

Here’s what you need:

Download the free printable minion outfit and  an adult can cut along the dotted lines. Once you’ve cut out our free printable minion outfit, simply stick it on your banana! Small to medium-sized bananas look the cutest and you can make as many as you like by printing out the minion outfit again and again.

Tuesday 15th Sept - Home Photo Challenge

Please send me you photos of you wearing Jeans or a photo of you with Jeans - as lots of you told me really! We have leggings or joggers for comfort. Borrow someone else's in the household and have as a backdrop - Be creative!

Monday 14th Sept - Footprint Art

To celebrate Jeans for Genes Week - footprint MINION salt dough ornament

You don't need to use saltdough, can be on paper or whatever you have handy.

Remember you are all One in A Minion