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Activity of the Day

I'm excited about this one. I can hear some of you shouting at me now or giving me the eyes. I know some of you are not keen on this because its freezing to touch, of course for those of you that do complain I have adapted this to use lolly moulds when I visit, but I thought because lots of you going into your gardens in the sunshine this is ideal. Are you ready..........

Friday 27th March: Ice Cube Painting


Have fun. Remember please keep your photos and messages coming I love them.

Thursday 26th March: Maths and Messy Play

Thought we would join the trend and maybe you could place rainbows in your windows to spread some joy.

I know you will have started bedtime routines by 8pm but before you go to sleep remember to clap for our carers.

Here are some rainbow fun ideas

  • Shaving Foam Rainbows - add paint to the foam to get a fluffy rainbow
  • Finger Print Rainbows
  • Make Rainbows with your toy cars
  • Use a sponge or a brush to paint your rainbow

You could also paint me a sunshine, clouds or a pot of gold, if you're feeling lucky

I look forward to hearing what you come up with and seeing your beautiful pieces of art. I love seeing your photos. Also because I'm not there, sing along with Mr Tumble instead https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yLpEGM34Fic

 If you have made artwork for your windows or you spot rainbows on your daily exercise it's all down to members of the #FromMyWindowYorkshire.

 It's a public group, so take a look and maybe add yours to the online trend

Wednesday 25th March: Sharing a book

You know how I love reading and making books come alive, Today I wanted to share with you a book that I am dipping into lots at the mo. The illustrations and messages are really hitting the spot for me as I work from home. Its a book showing friendship, which I think we all need right now

The Boy, The Mole, The Fox and The Horse 

If you don't have this book, there are plenty of images online just google Charlie Mackesy or go to his website here: https://www.charliemackesy.com/

Hope they make you smile today

Tuesday 24th March: Home Photography Challenge

So due to the current virus situation I'm not seeing you in person, but that doesn't however mean we should stop taking photos, I am really missing seeing you all so if we start snapping away on our cameras we can share our photos and see what we all came up with.
Theme this time will be based around books, could include your favourite books, a portrait of someone reading, you could try and make a book & it's story come to life. Be as creative as you can, i look forward to seeing what you can come up with and stay safe!

Thursday 19th March: Hand or Foot Print Butterfly


Lots of examples can be found online. Happy crafting/messy play

Friday 20th March: Thumb/ Big Toe Print Heart

Using your thumb or Big Toe, press it into the red stamp pad or paint. Then, depress your thumb down on the white card stock rectangle, at a slight angle to form one half of the heart. Then, overlap the first thumbprint with a second thumbprint to form the heart.


Lots of examples can be found online. Happy crafting/messy play

Monday 23rd March: Communication: Letters/mark marking or a picture

Please shared the attached letter with your child. You can write back to me at the moment as postmen are still delivering post. This doesn't need to be a letter, it could be some mark marking or a picture. Also lots of you know when I am not with you or teaching in the classroom at school I spend a lot of time at Champion House. They are also social distancing. I am sure they would love post or an email

Champion House, Clara Drive, Calverley, Pudsey LS28 5QP or email sarah.thorpe@valorumcare.co.uk