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Music Therapy

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Week Beginning 6th July 2020

Funny Bones 

  1. Make a shadow puppet. Wait until its dark and put on a show!
  2. Learn to sing the funny bones song.
  3. Learn about nocturnal animals. Who is awake at night?
  4. Draw a picture of your favourite animal as a skeleton. What animal skeleton will you draw?
  5. Can you play hide and seek? Can you frighten your family by saying ‘BOO!’.
  6. Our bones keep our organs safe. What organ does our skull protect? What organs do our ribs protect?
  7. Find your house/ street and town on Goggle Maps. Where do you live? Where do your family live?
  8. Search for images of x-rays on Google. Can you identify the bones that have been x-rayed?

6th July

Sarah from Giraffes story this week is 'Kippers birthday!' Enjoy the video and then completing some of the activities below. This is a week of celebration with ChellowFest on Wednesday so enjoy all the fun activities. :) 

Lions Class


2D and 3D shapes

Below is the 2D shapes video

and this one is the 3D shapes video


List of activities

(You will need to scroll down and find the Red Riding hood video again, from last week)


Activity to complete

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This week Dolphins story is Fox's Socks. 

 design socks.pdfDownload
 sock hunt.pdfDownload
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