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Friends and Family

Our Friends and Family Group meet weekly between

10.00 am and 11.30 am.

On the West (Heaton) site they meet on Wednesday

on the South  (Low Moor) site they meet on Tuesdays. 

Families can attend either group session it doesnt matter which site your child attends. If you transport your child yourself,  you are welcome to stay in school if you wish after you have brought your child to school. On the west, you can stay in our Family Support Workers room where you can have a coffee and a chat and on the south the meeting room is available for you.

We often organise speakers or pamper sessions for the Friends and Family group which will be based on one of the sites. We try to alternate where we book these for but friends and family are welcome to attend all of these sessions wherever they are held.

Our Friends and Family groups have established our school chairty, Chellow Hearts and organise our fundraising events. ore information is available on the Chellow Hearts page


For more information about our Friends and Family Group please contact our Family Support Workers, Pam or Katie (West) on 01274 484242 or Fozia (South) on 01274 679972.

If you want more information about our charity Chellow Hearts please contact Jane Reynard also on the school number. 

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