Chellow Heights Vision for Lunchtimes  

The vision for Chellow Heights lunchtimes was to transform the eating experience for pupils and lunchtimes are part of our taught time.

Whilst we have not fully managed to achieve the vision, lunchtimes have been transformed. Pupils can eat their lunch during the period 11.15 am to 1.00 pm and if necessary food can be kept until later in the afternoon within the health and safety guidelines for food. 

Pupils can also eat in different areas of the school according to their needs. They can eat in the classroom, in small quiet areas near the classrooms, or in the cafe area. We work on a progressive approach which enable pupils to gradually build up their skills from eating in a family group to eating in a bigger, noisier space. The result is that lunchtimes are quieter and less disruptive for pupils.

Catering and Lunchtime Plans

All our food is prepared on site by out own catering team. We provide both hot and cold meals and offer meals suitable to meet a range of dietary requirements. We offer a daily vegetarian option and halal meals three a week.

We work with the dietitian to support the needs of pupils who require specialist diets e.g. ketogenic diets to support pupils with epilepsy. We also work with the Speech and Language Therapist to agree food consistencies for pupils such as blended, mashed, finely chopped etc.

Each child has a lunchtime learning plan. For some children this is linked to eating for others it is linked to independence and social skills.  Staff working with the children are aware of their learning targets and these are reviewed regularly.


Packed Lunches and Other Requirements

Packed Lunches

We are happy to let children eat a packed lunch in school. We ask that where possible you send in healthy options. For some pupils we understand that they have special requirements.

Heating Up Food for Pupils with Specialist Requirements

We cannot normally heat up food for pupils but if this is your child's needs we require a letter from your consultant or a dietitian and full information about the food, temperature requirements and instructions.

Provision of Food Pupils with Sensory Processing Disorders 

We understand that some pupils have sensory processing disorders  which may impact on their ability to eat a full range of foods. Where this is a difficulty for your child we would need confirmation from a medical practitioner in order to provide the limited range of food items. Once we have received this confirmation we are happy to work with you to support your child's needs and to encourage them to try more varied food stuffs. However, we still have to work within the healthy food guidelines and would not expect to provide chips or wedges everyday.

We also understand that certain brands taste different to others however, we cannot provide branded foods only our equivalent. If your child needs specific foods and these are not provided by a dietitian, families would need to provide them. If no medical or dietitian letter is available we cannot cook or heat foods provided from home. If your child will not eat school foods a packed lunch is your best option.

If your child is entitled to free school meals we will work with you to try to find a suitable lunch for your child.

Please contact us if you need to discuss this further.