Free fruit

We are registered with the free fruit and veg for children scheme. This entitles us to receive 1 piece of free fruit or veg for children aged up to seven years every day for snack time. The fruit is delivered every other day and whilst we have no choice in what is delivered this ensures that we always have fresh fruit on site. Examples of the fruit we receive are bananas, apples, pears, mange tout, cherry tomatoes.

Other Snacks

Food is a great motivating force for children. As such, we often use a 'snack time' as a communication and social interaction session. Children may be required to make choices between different types of snack, ask for a snack or a drink etc. during this time. They may be asked to serve or share their snack with another child .We therefore use other types of snack as well as the free fruit and vegetables in order to give this choice.

Some classes may choose to have their children making and buttering toast and making drinks as part of independence training. 

Small amounts of a snack are given as it is the communication or interaction that is important, rather than the food itself. Please let staff know if your child has any particular likes, dislikes or allergies.