Parent Survey 2022

           Please click below to see some of the responses from our survey sent to parents in June 2022.


My child is happy at this school?

96% of parents agreed that their child was happy at Chellow Heights.

My child feels safe at this school?

90% of parents agree that their child is safe at Chellow Heights.

The school makes sure it's pupil are well behaved?

91% of parents agree that the behaviour is good at Chellow Heights


82% of parents stated that their child had not been bullied at Chellow Heights.

12% of parents said that cases of bullying had been dealt with effectively.

School makes sure I am informed of what my child will learn through the year?

93% of parents agree that they are kept informed about what their child will learn.


62% of parents state that their concerns have been dealt with effectively.

38% of parents state that they have not raised any concerns.

My child has SEND, and the school gives them the support they need to succeed.

94% of parents agree that the school effectively supports their child with SEND.

My child does will at this school

94% of parents agree that their child does well at Chellow Heights School.

I would recommend this school to another parent?

96% of parentd would recommend Chellow Heights School to others

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