Pastoral Support for Pupils

The school ethos is concerned with the commitment to provide a relaxed but orderly atmosphere in school where pupils can thrive.

Class Teachers and Class Teams

Pastoral support is the responsibility of the class teacher initially, with support from their class teams. Some classes have a 'key person' approach where you will be allocated a specific member of the team who will be your point of contact. They are the 'key' person responsible for your child in school and will get to know them and you really well. This approach is most commonly used in our Early Years department. 

The school uses a home school diary system and the online Class DOJO system for day to contact with teachers and the school and to share information. This is because the majority of pupils do not come in to school with their parents as they do in a mainstream school. 

We ask that if you need to speak to the teacher or key worker other than by using the home school diary, you call school before 8.50 am or after 2.45 pm when they are not responsible for pupils in school to prevent disruption to teaching and learning. If you need to phone outside these times we ask that you leave a message for the teacher who will then phone you back as soon as they are able to.

Phone calls to Class teachers should be to the school site where the class is based. A message may be taken and passed on to the teacher outside of Teaching and Learning time. 

In an emergency you can speak to a Senior Leader on duty who will deal with your concern or request. 

 You can email the teachers through the Class DOJO page for your class.

Intervention Teams

Pastoral Support for your child may also come through our Intervention Teams. Please contact the appropriate teams if you need support and advice. 

Support for you is also available through our School Nursing Team.

Home/Hospital Team

Rachel Roberts is our Home and Hospital Teacher and Pam Dehal is our Home/Hospital support Worker. They is available to work with hospitals if your child has to  stay in hospital. Rachel advises the teachers there on the types of learning and approaches your child needs and can offer support. They can both visit you at home once your child has been discharged and can organise work for your child at home and help you to deliver it as appropriate.

Katie Hansard is our Community Liaison Officer. She will work with you to support you in a range of ways;  providing information; visiting you at home; discussing attendance with you and supporting in some meetings. 

For families speaking non Asian other languages such as Polish we will try to secure an interpreter for you. For families where BSL is the first language we have a BSL user on site please text the school and we will try to organise this support for you.

Katie also help support and organise our Family and Friends group and CHYPS Stay and Play activities in the summer holidays.  They are part of the Health and Well being Team and are key in helping children to attend well.

Cathy Sabelli is our Pupil and Review Administrator on the west and Toni Rider is our Pupil and Review Administrator on the south. They will help you with questions about annual reviews of Education Health and Care Plans.

Additional Support for Specific Issues - other Intervention Teams.

Doremi Littlewood is our Interventions Director. She can provide support and guidance around issues for your child linked to Social, Emotional and Mental Health needs and Behaviour Management and where your child needs support from our other intervention teams.

Paula Craven, Hazel Travers, Janet Broadbent, Clare Hare, Carol Simpson and Emma Holden are our Key Trainers for Manual Handling. They work closely with the physiotherapists and occupational therapists allocated to school and can be contacted to discuss issues linked issues involving manual handling or access to learning. 

All these people can be contacted through the main school number: 01274 484242

For BSL users who need sign language interpretation please text 07776373537.


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