Chellow Heights is a generic special school and as such, has many children for whom a uniform would not be appropriate due to their additional needs.For  other children, a uniform provides a communication cue that they are going to school. Therefore, our uniform is not compulsory.

The optional uniform consist of

  • a blue sweatshirt with/ without the school logo or
  • a blue cardigan with/ without the school logo
  • a blue polo shirt with/ without the school logo
  • grey or black skirt, trousers or jogging bottoms

Embroidered items are available from


Pupil Premium Pupils

If you are in receipt of Free School Meals due to need rather than the Governments KS1 initiative, school will receive a pupil premium grant for your child. If you wish support for purchasing a school uniform please contact the school Community Liaison Officer, Kaite Hansard who will take your details and help you through the process of applying for a uniform through school. 

For more information about Pupil Premium please click here.


Naming Clothes

We would like to remind you that we may have to change your child for swimming, p.e. or after using the water feature or working with the Forest School. Please clearly label your child’s clothes with  their name so that we can try to return them to the right child.

Thank you


Lost Property

We have a number of items of lost property in school. Please contact the appropriate school site to organise to come and view the lost property if your child has items that have gone missing.

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