Y5 Transition Information

The Local Authority have some statutory deadlines to meet to enable your child to transition to secondary school. They have to have all your final preferences into them by 31st October 2020. From there, they will work out which is your nearest available school and if this matches your preference.

The LA will then consult with the nearest available school and your preference if these are different and ask if they can meet need. All consultations must be completed by 31st December 2020.

Next the LA will then work on assigning a school to your child based on whether the school you want for your child has said they can

  1. meet your child's needs
  2. and whether or not they have a place.

Where a school can meet need, have a place and matches your choice,  you will be informed of your child's secondary school before Easter. 

Where the school cannot meet need or can meet need and has no place available, the LA will then work with you and the other secondary schools to establish a place for your child. 

To help you decide on which school would support your child in the next phase of their education, the secondary schools have produced the presentations below to help you decide. Please take some time to view them and then contact school to give us your preference. Where the school is not your 'nearest available school' please note that transport will not be provided unless when the options are done the school that is nearest to you is full and your choice of school therefore becomes the nearest available school. 

If you are not sure which is your nearest available school please click this link and follow the instructions on the page.


Once you have made your decision, please contact your class teacher or school asking to speak to a member of SLT and we can then start the transition process. You will need to give us the names of the three schools you would like in order of preference. If you only name one school and this is not available, the LA will look at the nearest next available school for your second and third preferences. 

If you need any help with this please phone school and ask to speak to a member of SLT or Katie Hansard and we will do all we can to help you. 

Thank you for taking your time to read this. 

Click the links to view the presentations

Beechcliffe School 

Co-op Academy Southfield

Hazelbeck School  

If you wish to have information about the specialist settings below please contact them directly:

  • High Park (Communication and Interaction)                         01274 696740                    Academy 
  • Beechcliffe Ash Valley College (SEMH),                                 01274 619504                    Maintained School       
  • Oastler (SEMH)                                                                     01274 307456                   Maintained School 

The contact numbers for the schools with presentations are 

  •          Beechcliffe School                                                               01535 603041                     Maintained School 
  •          Co-op Academy Southfield                                                   01274 779662                    Academy            
  •          Hazelbeck                                                                            01274 777107                   Academy