School Council

What we want classes to do this term.

Our classes are currently talking about the things they would like to be developed in school next year and how they will spend the school council money. Make sure your class representative knows what you would like!


About our School Council.

Each site at Chellow Heights has a School Council.

They look at the site specific needs of pupils.

Each Class has a representative on their site School Council.

We meet half termly to talk about things that are important to us.

We vote to make decisions as we are part of a democracy.

We believe in the Fundamental British Values and in Equality for all.


This is our School Council Call and Response

As a School Council, in 2013, we signed up for the

Charter of Rights for Disabled Children and Young People

In 2016, our School Council have consulted their classes and decided that they still want to be part of this movement as they believe they reflect our Fundamental British Values.

“Include Me Too”

“Freedom of choice is what I want.”

“Doing things that others do.”

“Equally is how I should be treated.”

“Look at me, I am just the same as you.”

This Charter is supported by many national and international groups and companies.

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The Include Me Too Standards

Standard 1 – To have the right to learn and celebrate our culture in and out of school settings

Standard 2 – To be listened to and taken seriously

Standard 3 – To have more choice in what we learn and how we learn and develop

Standard 4 – To express ourselves and have equal opportunities to be involved in activities

Standard 5 – To be included in decisions that affect our lives

Standard 6 – To be treated equally and respected for being a unique individual

Standard 7 – To have the chance to grow and be successful

Standard 8 – To feel safe and be safe

Standard 9 – To not be bullied because of our impairments, culture or background

Standard 10 – To help change and improve services

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