Waved Interventions 

Wave 1

Wave 1 interventions are whole school interventions for classes and large groups of children at Chellow Heights. They are usually led by the class. These consist of:

          • an adapted National Curriculum 
          • access to learning through additional published curricula support
          • access to learning through specialist facilities such as the sensory corridor, hydrotherapy pool, rebound room, sensory garden and interactive road

Wave 2

Wave 2 interventions are small group interventions to help support pupils who are  gifted and talented, have specific needs or who require support to ensure that that meet their targets. These include

          • Talking Partners
          • Social Communication Groups
          • SEMH (Social, Emotional and Mental Health) Groups
          • Makaton signing groups
          • Symbol Exchange Groups
          • Music Groups
          • Sign and Sing
          • G&T Sports
          • Girls Group
          • Boys Group
          • Flamingo Chicks Ballet

Wave 3

Wave 3 interventions are to support individual pupil needs. These include

          • aromatherapy
          • art intervention
          • 'Bounce'
          • 'Deep Pressure'
          • food therapy
          • pet therapy
          • play intervention
          • massage
          • 1-1 rebound
          • medical and care interventions
          • support for dual placements
          • support for social and emotional and mental health difficulties
          • support for sensory processing difficulties such as tactile defensiveness
          • support for a range of communication needs e.g. signing,Intensive Interaction
          • support for sensory difficulties, visual impairment, hearing impairment, and multisensory impairment(deafblind) 
          • support for mobility or physical needs
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