Specialist Support Teams

Head of Waved Interventions: Doremi Littlewood (Director of Interventions)

Programmes delivered by our specialist support teams and they are often supported by other professionals such as Speech and Language Therapists, Physiotherapists, Educational Psychologists. 

Pupils are identified as having additional needs for a variety of reasons and can be referred to the Interventions teams by anyone involved with the child though this is usually the class teacher.

All Wave 2 and 3 interventions are short term to support the additional needs of the pupils. Interventions are decided through a referral and triage process and are designed to support the needs of the small groups and individual pupils.  Programmes run for a half term and are then reviewed to ensure that they are effective and are having an appropriate impact and to agree whether or not they need to be continued.

Communication and Curriculum Access Teams

Communication and Interventions Team

Team Manager: Jane Connop 

For all children at Chellow Heights, there is an emphasis on developing communication skills as without a shared understanding no learning can take place. This is supported by a Communication and Interventions team. The team assess all children’s communication needs and work with a range of specialists including the Speech and Language Therapist to agree communication programmes for children. They work across school with staff to support communication programmes and, where appropriate, communication aids and systems being used daily. This team also supports those pupils with hearing impairment and MSI in the school and liaises with any outside agencies that support these children.

The Play, Sensory and Music Therapy (PSMT) Team 

Team Managers: Pete Strawson, ( Specialist Music Teacher) Ellie Hughes  (Sensory team Leader)

Music Mike ( Music Therapist, West). Maria ( Music Therapy, South) 

For many children in the school play and music are key interventions to enable pupils to access wider learning. Many of our pupils have sensory processing difficulties through being hyper or hypo sensitive to a range of senses which impact on the learning of many pupils from those working at the lowest P scales to those with autism. Some of the pupils that come to us also have Music Therapy written into their Education Health and Care Plan (EHCP)

The school employs:

      • a specialist music teacher ( Pete Strawson) on a full time basis to provide music interventions particularly for gifted and talented pupils
      • a part time music therapist - west (Mike)
      • a part time music therapist - south (Maria)

VI/ MSI/ HI Support.

Lead: Ellie Hughes (Teacher)

Lead Practitioners MSI/ Dual Sensory Impairment: Paula-Rose Morrow

The school has a large number of pupils with Visual Impairment (VI) some of whom who are blind. We have a few with MSI or Dual Sensory Impairment and some with Hearing Impairment (HI)

Every class has a sensory champion who leads on supporting pupils with sensory impairments in class. 

Health and Well-Being Teams

For some children, the curriculum may require an emphasis on physical development and personal care to develop the pre-learning skills for more academic learning such as writing. Others require support because of medical needs and/or  attendance difficulties in order to access any aspect of learning. Others still have SEMH needs and require therapeutic interventions to allow them to access learning.

Health and Personal Care and Therapy

Team Managers: Hazel Travers (West) and Janet Broadbent (South)

Personal Care and Therapy staff support  across the school. Led by Hazel and Janet they provide support for pupils with medical and physical needs where specialist advice and support may be required. They also provide emergency support.

Haven Support Team 

Team Manager: Doremi Littlewood (Intervention Manager)

This team provide a range of support and individual or group interventions. For some children with social, emotional and mental health needs  the emphasis may be on  learning coping strategies for managing their own behaviour, sensory needs and concentration skills particularly for those pupils with autism or behavioural, social and emotional difficulties. For these pupils we run the Haven, which runs on a a similar system to a nurture group.

All children have access to  the Haven Team who also provide emergency support and timetabled interventions for pupils through a referal system. (click here to go to our page)

Physical, Hydro and Rebound Therapy Support Team

Lead Practitioners

Rebound: Tracey Nothers, Jonny Broadbent, Emma Clarke

Hydrotherapy: vacancy

Physical Development Support: Sam McAllister, Chris Whiteley

With approval of medical practitioners all pupils can access hydro and rebound therapy.  A number of staff are trained in school to support rebound or provide pool safety supervision to allow classes and groups of pupils to access the pool. Sam and Chris also provides daily support for physical intervention programmes designed by physio therapists. Staff across school can provide access to 'Bounce', the use of a trampoline as a motivator or SEMH intervention where they have permissions.

All these interventions are agreed through the referral system.

Home & Hospital Tuition Team and Community Liaison Officer

Team Managers: Anne Slack and Beth Cargill (DHT) , Rachel Roberts (Home and Hospital Teacher), Katie Hansard (Community Liaison Officer)

In addition we have a Home and Hospital support worker - Pam Dehal.

The team works together to provide help, support and guidance to families and carers.

Where children are absent from school long term due to illness or as the result of an operation, the Home & Hospital Teacher will liaise with families to establish the need for home or hospital learning support which is provided through Rachel or Pam. 

For further information please contact the team leaders.

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