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Tuesday 2nd March

Today I’m posting a short song that helps us remember how important it is to recycle and do our bit to save the planet, which I know a lot of you are learning about at the moment.  It is sung to the familiar tune of ‘Row, row, row your boat’ and the words go like this:

“Save, save, save your papers, throw them in the bin,

We can help to save the earth, if we all pitch in.

Save, save, save your bottles, throw them in the bin,

We can help to save the earth, if we all pitch in.”

Friday 26th February

Hi all, I really hope you’re enjoying the sunshine that we have had this week! Today we are using rhythms grid number 1, which is also used in a very famous piece of music that you will all know really well.  The rhythm is spider spider spider fly.  Can you guess the piece of music I’m talking about? It’s twinkle, twinkle little star, and it uses this same rhythm all the way through.  Here I’m using a drum and then my ukulele to play the rhythm.  Can you try it as well? Looking forward to seeing lots of you on our zoom lessons next week, have a fab weekend!

Wednesday 24th February

Hi everyone, today we are looking at a slightly more complex rhythm using mini beats names, and we are also exploring the keyboard in a bit more detail! As always be sure to ask someone at home to help you, and have fun! 

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Tuesday 23rd February

Hi, today we are looking in more detail at the creepy crawly mini beasts that you’re learning about this half term.  You’ve been doing really well with using these in our zoom lessons on west and I’d like you to try these on anything you have at home or in school.  Can you count how many sounds each mini beast has? Here we look at four of them; fly, spider, butterfly and caterpillar.  I’m playing them here on  the instruments in our new sensory garden on south.  See what rhythms you can make by using the animal names

Monday 22nd February

Hi everyone! I hope you’ve all had a good half term break.  This half term a lot of you are learning about mini beasts and creepy crawlies. In this video we look at some of these and how we can use them to make different rhythms.  I’ll also be using these in the zoom lessons that I’ll be doing with some classes on west which I’m really looking forward to.  See if you can try this one at different speeds, enjoy!

Friday 12th February

Hi all, before we finish for the half term break let’s have another look at some of our shape rhythms.  They are a really good way of helping us to make music, and we can learn each one by counting the number of eyes on the shape as well.  Here I’m playing some of our outdoor drums, using the rhythm ‘rectangle, circle, square, square’.  Can you play along, or ask an adult to help you? Try it at different speeds, or maybe even swap them round to create different sounding patterns.  Have fun!

Thursday 11th February

Hi, today we are having another look at some of the shape monster rhythms we have used before.  Yesterday we learnt a bit more about the word pitch in music, and today we are going to have another look at the word ‘tempo’.  It means fast and slow.  Can you play along to the rhythm, or ask an adult to help by tapping the rhythm out on your hand or on your knee?  Here we play it three times.  First slowly, then quickly, and then we start slowly and get gradually faster and faster.  Enjoy!

Wednesday 10th February

Hi! Over the last couple of days we’ve listened to some different songs, and all songs use high and low sounds.  In music we call this ‘pitch’ and today’s video helps us learn a little more about this.  You can think of high and low sounds like going up and down the stairs.  In this video I use the keyboard which is a great instrument as it can play a wide range of pitches - very high sounds and very low sounds.  Here we play a game where we explore both by reaching high into the air or low towards the floor.  Have fun making your own sounds or listening to different songs and hearing the high and low sounds that are made

Tuesday 9th February 

Hi everyone, today we continue our Australia sing along with the theme tune from the hit television series Neighbours.  Here I’ve given you a basic rhythm to follow using the shape rhythms that I’ve used with a lot of classes.  It goes ‘square, circle, square square’ and can be seen in the bottom left of the screen.  Grab those pots and pans, or drums or tambourines if you have them and sing or play along

Monday 8th February

Morning everyone! I know some of you are learning about Australia this half term, so this week I’ll be posting some sing  along videos for you to enjoy.  Today is a piece of music called Waltzing Matilda.  I talk briefly about what it’s about in the video, and I’d like you to just enjoy singing along to this one, or perhaps you could ask a family member to sing it for you? I’ve just kept it simple here and used the first verse and the chorus x 2.  I’ll also post the words below so you know how it goes.  Enjoy

Friday 5th February

Time now for another song I know a lot of you enjoy.  I’ve used another very simple rhythm here using our shape rhythms, which is circle circle square square.  You can follow it through as you listen, play along, sing or sign as we go.  Have fun, and see how creative you can be with making music from anything you can find in the house or in class as well!

Wednesday 3rd February

Today we are learning about an important word in music called ‘improvising’.  Not all music is written down before it is played, or even decided before it is played.  Sometimes people might think of the notes they are going to play on a piano, or decide on the rhythms they are going to play on a drum, but sometimes it is made up on the spot.  This is what improvising means.  Making, creating and enjoying music on the spot! Why don’t you try it, whether you’re in school or at home? You can use anything at all, just like I have here...... instruments if you have them, or pots, pans, sticks. Don’t forget you can use your body as well by clapping, stamping or tapping.  Have fun!

Tuesday 2nd February

Hi everyone! With school closed due to the snow today let’s have a think about our friends that we can’t see today. I know some of you listen to this song at the end of each day in school and I’ve done a version here using a ukulele, xylophone and vibraphone.  The song is called ‘Lean on Me’ and I really hope you enjoy listening to this version of it..... enjoy the snow if you’re able to get out! ❄️ 

Monday 1st February

Hi everyone, I hope you’ve had a good weekend! Some of you are learning all about Australia this term, and I’ve recorded a call and response all about the country.  I’ve also used the blue screen so you’ll see different pictures behind me.  We use call and responses because they have a steady beat and in music we call this ‘pulse’.  As well as joining in with the words, if you are able, you can play along with the rhythm.  Perhaps you can also ask an adult or family member to tap the pulse on your arm or knee while you listen to it?  I really hope you like it

Friday 29th January

Hi all, today we sing or play along to a song I know a lot of you like.  Remember to join in with the actions and make sure you don’t get caught out with the nose and toes one! I hope you like it, have a great weekend and watch this space next week for lots more videos for you to use to explore different parts of music, rhythms, load and quiet sounds, and a special video that helps you to find sounds and music using everyday items at home and in school.  Have fun!

Thursday 28th January

Hi everyone, this is a video that you can use in classes or at home at the end of the day.  We like to think about what we have done that day, what we have achieved, and remember our friends that we have in school and at home as well.  You’re all superstars and have so many different talents! Here is a version of ‘this little light of mine’..... maybe if you’re in school you could listen to it whilst holding one of our special candles, or if you’re at home you could think about some of your friends at school while you listen?

Wednesday 27th January

Today I’d like you to join in with a really well known song, The wheels on the Bus. You can sing along if you’re able, do some fab signing or you can play drums, tambourines, shakers, body percussion, pots or pans. I’ve kept the rhythm super simple for this one and it’s just ‘1, 2, 3’ or ‘fish and chips’. If you’ve been using our shape rhythms in classes then ‘circle square’ will also work really well. Enjoy! 

Tuesday 26th January 

Hi! Today we’re continuing to explore the story of the Wizard of Oz, with a call and response in the style of the well known book ‘We’re going on a bear hunt’. There are some simple instructions to follow and Brogan, our class teacher in Penguins class, helps you through it with when to use the different items that you will need. Enjoy

Monday 25th January

Hi all, hope you’ve all had a great weekend! Watch this space tomorrow for a special Wizard of Oz call and response, using sensory media to guide us through the story.  It’s based on the well known ‘We’re going on a bear hunt’ and I’m sure you’ll all really enjoy it.  Today though it’s time for the last of our individual character call and responses from the story.  Here we look at the tin man, who wanted to find the wizard so that he could give him a heart.  As with the others, we play it slowly at first and then quicker.  Have fun

Friday 22nd January

Hi everyone, today I’ve explored one of our rhythms from yesterday in a little more detail.  I’ve done a recording using everyday sounds, including clapping, a cupboard door, stamping my feet and even a toaster! See what things around the house or in school you can make different sounds from.  Here we are playing the rhythm ‘square, semicircle, circle, square’. Have fun!

Thursday 21st January

Hi! Today we are going to look at some rhythms written down. Lots of you have used these little shape monsters to help us make music in school, and the first one was used last week in my Somewhere Over the Rainbow video. I’d like you to keep the speed really slow and remember that these are really good to help with our counting as well as music. I’ll post the rhythms below the video as well. Enjoy

Wednesday 20th January

Hi everyone, today we have got another call and response that we used in our Chellow Heights School production of The Wizard of Oz back in 2016. In our story Dorothy met lots of new friends on her travels towards the Emerald City to meet the wizard, including the lion, tin man and scarecrow, but she also met some friendly mice.  Can you remember what mice like to eat? That’s right, cheese! They talk about it in this simple call and response and I hope you enjoy it.  Remember that these also help us to learn about ‘pulse’ and ‘rhythm’ in music.  If you scroll down my page you’ll see lots of videos, including some that help us to look in more detail at these two words.  Look out tomorrow for a special Wizard of Oz call and response that will feature lots of different characters, and we would like you to join in by using different materials at home.  Enjoy the mice call and response - I’m off to eat some cheese!

Tuesday 19th January

Hi! Today we are learning about Spain as part of our Spanish day..... they celebrate in a city called Saint Sebastian every year by dressing up in colourful clothes and marching.  Here I’d like you to join in at home or in school by marching along to the music.  Get ready then and off we go..... have fun! 

Monday 18th January

Time to explore another character from The Wizard of Oz, and today we feature the Lion.  Even though lions are very strong animals, in the story he wanted to see the wizard to help him get more courage because he was scared.  In this call and response we finish with the words ‘we need your help - will you help us please?’, which is the lion asking Dorothy to help him find the Wizard of Oz in the Emerald City.  Like the other ones I’ve done it’s steady at first and then quicker the second time.  I hope you enjoy joining in - have fun!

Friday 15th January

Today we’re having a little break from exploring the characters in The Wizard of Oz and I’d like you all to join in with a song I’m sure you all know from the film Frozen.  We’ve seen lots of you playing out in the snow and I’m sure you’ve been building some brilliant snowmen, so myself and Jack, who works in Giraffes class, have recorded the song ‘Do you want to build a snowman?’  for you all to enjoy.  The rhythm ‘play-ing in the snow’ will work really well or you can just join in with the pulse of the music ⛄️ 

Thursday 14th January 

I hope you’re all enjoying the snow - watch this space later in the day for an extra snowy musical video for you all to enjoy! In the meantime it’s time to learn about our next character from The Wizard of Oz. This is a call and response all about the munchkins, who are the first people that Dorothy meets on her adventure. They really like playing, and I bet they’d like all the snow we’ve got today! All you have to do is repeat the line back, play along with the pulse or ask someone to help you explore by tapping the beat on your hand or knee. Have fun! 

Wednesday 13th January

We’ll be sticking to the theme of The Wizard of Oz over the next few days, starting with a series of call and responses that you can have fun joining in with.  How many of the characters can you remember? I know a lot of you will be learning all about them over the next few weeks.  Today’s call and response is all about the Scarecrow, who wanted to see the Wizard to help him get a brain.  All you have to do here is either repeat back the words I say if you’re able, or enjoy playing or feeling the pulse of the music.  Maybe you can ask an adult to tap the rhythm on your hand while you watch? I do the whole thing twice; first slowly and then quicker.  Have fun!

Tuesday 12th January

Hi all, today we learn a simple rhythm that fits the song Somewhere over the Rainbow from the Wizard of Oz. It uses shapes to help us remember it; square, square, circle, square. See if you can join in with anything you have at home or in school, and be sure to ask an adult to help too. I hope you like it and remember the most important ‘rule’ in music - have fun!

Monday 11th January 

Hope you’ve all had a good weekend and enjoyed the snow if you’ve had it! Todays video helps us to think more about different types of weather and the sounds that we hear. Sometimes we hear loud rain, or even thunder and lightening.....

At the end of this video you’ll have a chance to join in with some body percussion, to play a piece of music that sounds like a tropical storm. It starts really quietly then gets gradually louder, very loud in the middle and then quiet again to finish.  Ask an adult to help you join in, hope you like it!

Friday 8th January

Hi everyone!  In todays video I explore different Australian aboriginal instruments.  Here we find out more about 4 of them; the didgeridoo, bullroarer, clapsticks and gum leaf.  We see and hear them being played after a short introduction, and then at the end you'll have a chance to join in with me and make some music together.  Perhaps you could have a go at doing your own aboriginal art as well?  Have a look at the clapsticks in particular for ideas.... enjoy!

Thursday 7th January

I know that some of you are learning all about the rainbow and different colours this term.  Here I’ve recorded a song that is a call and response.  All you have to do is repeat or sing back the same line as me so it’s really easy to get the hang of this one quickly.  It’s the first video that uses our new green screening app as well so I hope you like it! 

There is a little instrumental section in between each colour for you to join in with.  Any percussion or other instruments you might have will work well, in school or at home.  Have fun!  

Wednesday 6th January 2021

Hi everyone! Whether you are learning at home at the moment or in a school pod, let’s have fun making some music together. I’ll be uploading a new set of music videos on here for you to access and here is the first. Please also scroll down to see the videos I did in our first lockdown. Drums, shakers, pots, pans, clapping and stamping at the ready then and off we go......

Monday 1st June

Hi everyone, hope you’ve had a great week and managed to enjoy the sunshine we have had! A lot of you are learning about the Hare and the Tortoise this half term.  The Hare ran really quickly and the Tortoise ran really slowly..... in this video I talk about musical instruments doing the same thing.  Can you join in and play slowly and quickly like the Tortoise and the Hare too? When you hear a piece of music, is it fast or is it slow?

Friday 22nd May

I really hope you all have a safe and happy week next week, in what would have been our half term.  I hope you have enjoyed learning about lots of different instruments over the last weeks, and I’d like to say a big thank you to all of the friends of Chellow Heights who have given up their time to send me recordings to use.  It’s really nice of you all! There will be plenty more to look forward to in the coming weeks, and don’t forget that we will be celebrating Chellowfest in a different way on Wednesday 8th July - more details to follow!

Today though and over the week I’d like you to look at some brilliant resources I have found to help learn about one of my favourite pieces of music.  It was written a long time ago by a man from Finland called Jean Sibelius.  This is his most famous piece of music and is called ‘Finlandia’, named after his country.  You can listen to the music and watch an animation here:
Below are some different ideas to help you all explore the music in exciting ways.  I hope you enjoy it, and it has been great to continue to see so many of you in our online music lessons.  I’ve really enjoyed them and can’t wait to do more very soon!

Take care everyone

Thursday 21st May

Hi everyone! I really hope you enjoyed learning more about the piano yesterday with Mike.... did you know that it’s full name is piano forte, which means quiet and loud? I thought it was really interesting to see it being played with the front taken off so we could see the keys!

Today I have recorded what might be the most famous piece of music ever written.  You can sing along to it, tap along, or just listen.  Have fun joining in, but also have a look at the rhythm written down, or ask someone to help you by tapping it on your arm or knees.  What do you notice?  It’s the same all the way through! Sometimes the best pieces of music are the most simple.  Hope you enjoy it

Wednesday 20th May

Today we are going to have a look at another instrument in more detail, as we learn more about the piano: it’s an instrument I know a lot of you enjoy exploring and listening to. We are in for a treat here as Mike, who so many of you have worked with and is our Music Therapist on West, shows us more about the instrument. Get ready to learn more about high sounds, low sounds, it’s real name, what the pedals do and what it looks like inside! 

Tuesday 19th May

Hi everyone, today I have some exciting news to tell you all.... Although we won’t be having it in the way we have before, we will still be celebrating Chellowfest 2020, our 6th annual Music Festival, on Wednesday 8th July! I’ll release more details closer to the time, but you can look forward to watching some music clips, singing along and enjoying the festival atmosphere online!

With that exciting news, today I’d like you to have a go at playing a rhythm ‘Chellowfest’ on pots and pans, drums, shakers, tambourines and anything else you might have. I know some of you have a keyboard, so why not ask someone to help you to try it on that?

it has three sounds:

Che - llow - fest 

Have fun everyone and I hope you have a great day! 

Monday 18th May

I hope you’ve all had a great weekend! Today we have another instrument spotlight and learn more about the tenor horn. It is used in brass bands, which started many years ago in different areas of Britain. Helen, who has kindly helped us with the clip, is the Solo Horn player for a band called Grimethorpe, who are one of the very best in the whole world! Huge thanks Helen for recording this From all of us at Chellow Heights! 

Friday 15th May

Hi everyone, I hope you’ve been enjoying the different music videos that I’ve been putting on! Next week we will be learning more about different instruments but today I’d like to say a huge well done to you all for joining in and having a go at the different rhythms that we have done this week, using creepy crawlies!  Did you have a favourite rhythm? How did you get on with playing them loudly and quietly? What about quickly and slowly? How did you do in the quiz? As a big well done to you all I have recorded our Star of the Week call and response for you to join in with and play along to with anything at all you like.  Remember - the most important thing is to have fun!  Well done, you are all stars..... shooting stars! I hope you all have a fab weekend and stay safe

Thursday 14th May

How did you get on with the quiz? Did you manage to link the rhythms to the instruments or, more importantly, have lots of fun listening and joining in? Today we are going to continue to focus on the same rhythm I selected yesterday, which is:

’Spider, spider, spider fly’

Yesterday we explored this rhythm using loud and quiet sounds.  Today I’d like you to try it at different speeds.  Check out my video further down the page about ‘Exploring Dynamics’ as well as it will link really well with that.  Here I play it slowly, at a medium speed, and finally quickly.  Instruments at the ready then, off we go!

Wednesday 13th May

Hi everyone - I’m afraid the video I thought I had put on yesterday didn’t upload! I hope you enjoyed playing the rhythms that I suggested anyway..... today you’ll see two videos. Please watch the bottom one first for the quiz and see if you can link the rhythms to the instruments on the work sheet.

After that please check out the next video, which gives you the answers to the quiz, and today’s activity, which is playing one of them on different instruments loudly and quietly.  Hope you enjoy the quiz and remember; why not get your family involved as well!

Tuesday 12th May

Hi, how did you get on yesterday making some rhythms and sounds from animal names? I hope you had fun exploring lots of different names along the way. Today I have a game for you to try. Below is a video of some of your favourite instruments; the piano, drum, ukulele and trombone. I’m playing the rhythms below, but can you guess which one I’m playing on each instrument? You’ll have to listen really carefully! Why not ask brothers and sisters, mums and dads to have fun joint in too?  There is also a sheet to link the pictures to the instrument so you know you’ve got it right. Have fun ! 

  • Butterfly butterfly butterfly fly 
  • Spider spider spider fly
  • Caterpillar spider caterpillar fly
  • Fly fly spider fly 

Monday 11th May

Hi Everyone,

Really hope you've all had a good extended weekend and enjoyed VE Day Celebrations if you were doing so.  On Friday a group of staff were due to be walkjing the Yorkshire 3 Peaks challenge to raise money for new play equipment for you to use, and although we couldn't do the real thing we did some long walks and stairs climbs.  Some of us walked miles in really hot weather and some went up and down our stairs 220 times!  If your mums and dads have Facebook check out 'Chellow 3 Peaks' to see lots of videos and pictures of the event.  We also got on the radio!

This weekend I made some breakthrough with my bottle Marimba so below is a clip of me playing Stand By Me by Ben E King, which I hope you enjoy.  A lot of you are learning about different animals this term, and I would like you to think about some rhythms you could make using their names.  How many sounds do they have?  Here are some ideas....

  • Spi-der
  • Ca-ter-pi-llar
  • Butt-er-fly
  • Fly!


Thursday 7th May

Happy VE Day Celebrations for any of you celebrating tomorrow.  Today I’ve recorded a piece of music called ‘We’ll Meet Again’.  It was sung by Dame Vera Lynn in the Second World War and I think the words are important for now as well.  My favourite line is ‘I know we’ll meet again, some sunny day’ ☀️

Enjoy singing along and tapping along to this one, stay safe everyone and I hope you have a fabulous weekend whatever you are doing!

Wednesday 6th May

Hi! Today it’s time to sing along with your family to a song I know a lot of you really like.  I’ve recorded it for you using two rhythms.  The first one uses words from the song ‘I’ll be riding shotgun’.  The second rhythm is a little more difficult and is one that we have used in Chellow Beats ‘1, 2, 3, Chi-Cken for tea’.  I know a lot of you really enjoy exploring the pulse of the music as well so have some fun with that, and you could ask a family member to tap this pulse, or these rhythms, on your arms or legs.  Maybe you could join in with any instruments you might have as well?  Have fun!

Monday 4th May

Hi Everyone, hope you’ve all had a good weekend! I’ve really enjoyed doing some music lessons with some of you over the last couple of weeks, and this week I’ll be uploading some of the requests I’ve had for songs, together with ideas for rhythms that will help you to play along and encourage your families to join in too!

Did anyone guess what I was going to try and make from the picture I put on here a couple of weeks ago? It was a water bottle, an air pump and some bicycle tyre valves? Well I’ve had a really busy few days and made a plastic bottle Marimba.  I’ve changed the amount of air in each bottle to get different sounds, and I thought you’d like to see it being played!  I also took some pictures along the way so you can see how it was made.  I can’t wait to bring it into school to show you all!

Friday 1st May

Hi Everyone!

I really hope you’ve enjoyed learning about the xylophone, marimba, glock, drums and different guitars with our friends this week. It has also been great to do some music with some of you at home as well. 

Over the weekend I’m going to try and make my own musical instrument, so watch this space to see if it works! But I’d like you to have some fun, with your families as well, trying to make your very own musical shaker. It’s really easy to do and you can decorate them to make them look amazing as well. Here is a short video that helps to show you how....

Have fun everyone and I hope you all have a great weekend

Thursday 30th April

I really hope you’re enjoying learning all about different instruments this week. Today a friend of mine Kenneth shows us what different guitars sound like and how they are played. 

You will see him play a classical guitar, bass guitar and electric guitar. Which one is your favourite? I’d love to know! 

Wednesday 29th April

Hi everyone, hope you all enjoyed learning all about the different tuned percussion instruments yesterday.  Did you spot the tu;e that William played on the glock? It was the music from Harry Potter, which I know a lot of you really like.  I remember seeing a few Harry Potters in school when we celebrated world book day!

Today a friend called Dom is going to play the drum kit for us, including two rhythms that a lot of you know very well.  Dom went on tour with a band called The Buzzcocks and he also played at the Glastonbury Festival.  Thanks Dom for taking the time to record these for us.  Hope you enjoy it.... drums, tambourines, pots and pans at the ready and off we go

Tuesday 28th April

Today we learn all about tuned percussion instruments. They look a bit like a piano and have the same notes, but you hit them with sticks a bit like drums. I’d like to say a big thank you to William who has played them for us here. Do you have a favourite? Hope you like them! Tomorrow - drums

Monday 27th April

Hi everyone, 

This week lots of friends of Chellow will be helping us learn  more about different instruments. What they look like, what they sound like and how they are played. Lots of them are part of an Orchestra, so today I’d like you to watch this clip of the BBC  National Orchestra of Wales, conducted by Grant Llewelyn.

How many different instruments can you spot?


Friday Take 2!

We would be having lots of fun activities this week to celebrate our wonderful school turning ten years old. How many of you are ten? Or are you almost ten? It’s time to party, turn your living room into a dance floor and put on those dancing shoes as we celebrate! Here are some party tunes to get you in the mood!

Friday 24th April


Thursday 23rd April

Happy St George’s Day everyone! Tomorrow I’ll be encouraging us all to join together in a musical celebration for Chellow Heights turning 10 years old, but today we continue the theme of making music from household items...

How many different sounds could you find in your kitchen? Keep exploring and see what you can create! Here is a clip from a famous group called STOMP! who make music from everyday items, junk and scrap. I can see a kitchen sink, a bath tub and an ironing board. What else can you see? Have fun watching


Wednesday 22nd April

Today I have a musical challenge for you.... can you find 3 interesting sounds in your kitchen? Watch the video below to find out more, and if you’re able to, why not upload what you’ve discovered onto our FaceBook page?  I’d love to see them

Tuesday 21st April

I hope you enjoyed learning all about pulse in music yesterday. It’s a really good one to keep going back to and doing with any music that you listen to.  See if you can hear the main pulse and play along....

Today we’re going to learn about another song that I know a lot of you really like and sing in your classes.  Perhaps you can remember some of the signs as well? I’ve suggested 2 different rhythms for ‘Wheels on the Bus’ here.  Please tap along on pupils’ elbows or knees to help them explore how they fit the music

Monday 20th April

Welcome back to the daily musical updates, with plenty of videos, ideas, games and links to helpful websites in the pipeline. In the coming weeks some friends of mine will be helping us with a series that will introduce you to different musical instruments which I’m sure you will enjoy!

first though it’s time for another building block of music. We have already found out about pitch, tempo and dynamics. Today it’s time to explore what ‘pulse’ means in music. Drums, tambourines, pots and pans at the ready then, and off we go!

Easter Musical Fun - It’s been amazing to see all the music making you’ve been doing at home and hearing all about them. Please watch this space for lots more uploads and videos for you to enjoy and explore over the Easter period.  

Today I’m going to start making my own musical instrument using the items in the picture below. Can you guess what it will be? I’ll post a clip when it’s finished

Friday 3rd April

As we approach what would have been our traditional Easter brea

Thursday 2nd April

Special mention today to all pupils, staff and parents that were to be involved in Musica Spectacular 2020 this evening at St George’s Hall. We look forward to celebrating this event hopefully later in the year! 

Yesterday we explored Tempo in music, listening to and joining in with fast and slow music. Today let’s look at another piece of Classical music that is really fast. It is even called ‘Short Ride in a Fast Machine’ and is written by John Adams.

Make sure you put your seat belt on.....


NB - Link now added to my post from yesterday. Sorry about that, omitted in error!

Wednesday 1st April

Today we will be doing a 1 hour written music theory exam, in silence......

Haha only kidding, April Fools!  Instead, let’s look at what tempo means in music.  Drums, tambourines, pots and pans at the ready, and off we go! In fact, why not take some pics of yourselves joining in with some different instruments and if they are on it, ask an adult to post them on our parent FB page?  Happy music making

Tuesday 31st March

Hi everyone,

I’ve been enjoying all the pics and videos of your fabulous work at home, especially all the musical exploring you are doing. Keep it up! Today we look at a piece of music that includes what we have learnt about over the last week. It is called ‘In the Hall of the Mountain King’ and tells they story of a young boy running down a mountain  away from the king troll!

It starts off slowly and gets quicker and quicker, but begins quietly and gets louder and louder. Maybe you could use the magical volume stick from my video the other day? You’ll also see a full orchestra playing it so watch out for some of the instruments we saw in Happy Birthday yesterday. Have fun

Monday 30th March

Some friends of mine helped to record Happy Birthday using lots of different instruments. You can watch it or listen to it while you wash your hands! How many instruments can you see or hear? Do  you have a favourite? Some of them play high and some play low but they all sound different. Have fun exploring the many different sounds..... maybe you can sing or tap along? 

Friday 27th March

Morning all,

As part of a much needed break from having to watch me, we will be looking in the coming weeks at the BBC initiative ‘Ten Pieces’, which encourages children of all ages to listen to, engage with and become immersed in Classical Music.  The clips are fun, with some great animations, and often presented by celebrities your children will recognise from the telly.  

Today is a nice follow on from the Exploring Dynamics clip I did yesterday.  So grab those percussion instruments if you have them, or pots  and pans, home made shakers etc, and get ready to explore the amazing ‘Earth’ by Hans Zimmer......

Thursday 26th March


Did anyone get yesterday’s clue ‘French Detective and a bright cat’? Time to find out, as we learn about volume/dynamics in music

Wednesday 25th March

Hi everyone,

So today I’ve finally managed to upload the clip of the Chellow Beats piece onto my YouTube channel. Here is the link

There is also some other clips on the channel that I’ve recorded for you to enjoy if you’d like to. In particular I’d like you to try the different rhythms involved, and why don’t you pause the clip and slow them down one at a time? You could also count with the children how many times each one is played before putting it all together.

Finally...... don’t forget to get creative with instruments around the house!  Watch this space for something a bit different in tomorrow’s instalment featuring a brand new instrument to a lot of you.

Instrument Clue: ‘French Detective and a bright Cat’ ???

Tuesday 24th March

Hi everyone, I’ll be posting another link to today’s clip, which is our Chellow Beats piece that was to be played at Musica Spectacular.... watch this space for a link once it has uploaded!

in the meantime have a go at some of the rhythms used - Man U Liverpool, Mash Potato Chicken and Chips and I like playing on my djembe drum. Have fun :-)

Monday 23rd March

Please follow this link to my YouTube clip all about exploring Pitch.....

Friday 20th March

Today we look at another nursery rhyme but with a more complex rhythm.  Please use it to sing along with your child and also feel free to try out the Makaton signs shown in the top right hand box.  Have a go at playing the suggested rhythm, ‘Cow, a Duckling, Chicken and Pig’ on different drums, percussion or everyday items.  As you can see there are plenty of sounds to explore outside as well.  Have fun :-)

Thursday 19th March

I’ll be encouraging you to explore some basic rhythms using household items as percussion over the coming days.  Here is the first, a favourite with a lot of our pupils.  The written music notation will also be included each time. Enjoy!

I’ll be uploading my own singalong ukulele songs together with rhythms and suggestions for using household items as percussion. More to follow tomorrow:-)

Please begin today by playing the rhythms to the following...

twinkle twinkle little star

humpty dumpty

You can encourage children to play these by tapping their legs, clapping their hands or stamping their feet. 

Alternatively please help pupils to explore these rhythms, by gently tapping either their arms or hands while singing along.

Have fun!

Musica Spectacular 2 a great success!

On Monday 8th April at St George's Hall seven schools, including Chellow Heights, performed in an evening of entertainment that included singing, dancing, acting, signing and lots more.  Our pupils performed a Wizard of Oz themed call and response story, our fabulous Flamingo Chicks performed along with Chellow Beats and Zainab brought the house down with a rendition of 'I just can't wait to be King' from The Lion King, together with our Music Therapist Mike Gilroy.  Pupils spent weeks working on their performances and the hard work really paid off.  It was especially nice to see former Chellow Heights pupils flourishing as they performed as part of their secondary schools and it was also a lovely opportunity for our children to work alongside the schools they will likely go on to attend.  

A huge thanks to all staff who gave up their time to support the children in what was an amazing evening, and also to all parents involved for their continued support.  I'm sure you will all agree they did us proud.  Please take a look at some of the photos from the event below....

Looking forward to next years event already:-)

Back into the musical swing of things and a much loved new arrival....

Lots of our pupils have been enjoying their music once again at Chellow, and our fantastic school band, Chellow Beats, has met on both our West and South site.  Watch this space for more info on upcoming performances. 

We are also looking forward to welcoming a full brass band to the school for the very first time - Vintage Brass will be coming into school on Tuesday 11th December to perform a Christmas Concert for both sites.  Sleigh bells at the ready!

Also a huge thank you to Sue Thompson who last term donated a fabulous Hammond style organ to our west site.  The children continue to enjoy all of its possibilities and have a great time making music with it!

Special Schools shine at first ever Music Spectacular....

On 15th and 16th of November 2017 6 special schools from across the Bradford district took part in a special event, held at The Midland Hotel, that showed the very best of Music and The Arts in action in our special schools.  Audiences were treated to singing, dancing, acting, drumming, signing and lots more, as children from Hazlebeck, Delius, Southfield, High Park, Beechcliffe and Chellow Heights performed over the two nights.  

Deputy Lord Mayor Councillor Doreen Lee attended on the 15th November and said how proud she was of all children involved, also commenting on the quality of the many performances that were given.  On Thursday 16th November Councillor Sarah Ferriby was thrilled to have been able to watch all of the performances and also said how remarkable all of our talented young people were that performed.  

A huge thanks goes to Bradford Music and Arts Hub for securing funds the event, staff from every school involved that worked tirelessly in the build up to the concerts and for making both evenings so special, families and friends who came to support on both nights, and of course the biggest thanks goes to all of the children that performed - you are all superstars!

Bands, singing, dancing, acting, face painting and wrist bands all on display at this year's Chellowfest....

On Wednesday 28th June we had our annual music festival 'Chellowfest', which had a genine festival feel to it this year as it rained all day!  We didn't let that stop us though and pupils from both sites enjoyed a full line-up on stage in the hall.  Performances were given by our visiting friends 'Chellow Brass' throughout the day, and pupils had the opportunity to get up close to the instruments that were being played.  The staff band, The Manic Street Teachers, performed two tracks, along with a performance by the staff drumming group that the children really enjoyed.  We had face painting on as well and once again there were some fab festival wrist bands on display, along with some great tie dye T-shirts and the ones designed by pupils at World Music Day.  

The real highlight of the day was of course the many performacnes given on stage by children from both sites.  We had drums, shakers, tambourines, microphones, guitars, wood blocks, wind chimes, bells, cabasas, guiros, cymbals and rain sticks all on display - and that was just the music!  Tigers class, Turtles, Ducks, Butterflies, Monkeys and of course our very own Chellow Beats all gave memorable performances and Elephants class performed their very own production of 'Scary Jungle', which was written by one of the pupils and included elephants, tigers, frogs and snakes.  Thanks to everyone involved in the planning and to all staff and pupils on the day for making Chellowfest 2017 so special.  We look forward to next year! 

World Music Day 2017

Our pupils at Chellow South welcomed some friends from Chellow West for the day on Wednesday 21st June to celebrate World Music Day.  Classes moved around school throughout the day and enjoyed a Stomp style junk percussion workshop, exploring new and different instruments including a flute, clarinet and harpsichord (courtesy of our Head Sue!), designing T-shirts for Chellowfest, a chill-out and sensory Music zone and a Music tech room.  On top of all of this we had some brilliant performances from some of the pupils and groups at chellow and welcomed back our friends from Bowling Park primary school.  They brought a rock band this time round and played familiar songs by ed sheeran and others on xylophones, drums, keyboards, guitars and of course singers.  Huge thanks to all staff on South and those that came from West for making the day such a success!

Chellow Beats shine at Wharfedale Music Festival....

On Wednesday 17th June our very own Chellow Beats travelled to Craiglands Hotel, Ilkley, to take part in the Music Makers section of the Wharfedale Music Festival 2017.  We really enjoyed the chance to listen to two other groups, who sang and played lots of different instruments, before we took to the stage.  But before Chellow Beats performed, Emma Edwards gave a lovely rendition of 'When you Wish Upon a Star', that she sang in our production of Toy Story, to raptuous applause.  After that the main group, made up of children from Elephants, Meerkats and Lions classes, took to the stage and gave a great perfromance of 'Oceans', a piece that uses rhythms that the children themselves have come up with. We received a certificate and some lovely supportive and positive comments from the professionals that were listening, who were especially impressed with how well everyone played in time together.  Well done all, another great perfmance and thanks to all staff who came along to help.  A fun filled musical day out was had by all!

Toy Story a great success!

In the final week before the Easter break our Key Stage 2 children gave two great performances of our own adaptation on Toy Story, which celebrates it's 21st birthday this year.  Classes featured as Pirates, Teddy Bears, Soldiers, Mr and Mrs Potato Heads, Dinosaurs and of course we also had our very own, Fairy, Mrs Bo Peep, Buzz Lightyear and Woody.  Well done to everyone involved and a special thanks to our ICT team for all the hard work and to Sian in Leopards for helping with the set.  Thanks also to John Lambert, our Chair of Govenors, for attending and saying such kind words of congrtaulations to the pupils, who were fantastic.  We also made it into the Telegraph and Argus, and the article can be found here:

Concert by Red Priests!

On Tuesday 28th February, 9 children from Elephants, Lions and Meerkats classes on our West site and 3 children from Chimps on South met in Saltaire for the chance to listen to some live music.  'Red Priests' are an early music/folk band and we got the chance to listen to a Harpsichord, Cello, Guitar and Flute.  Plus what was introduced as 'the smallest recorder in the world' - Amazing!  We enjoyed sitting on the front row and the instruments were so close we could almost touch them!  After the concert we even had our picture taken with the band and got to meet them and ask questions about their music.  A huge thanks to all staff who made it possible from both West and South and we look forward to more opportunities to hear great music played live!

Festive Cheer at Chellow

The run up to the Christmas season saw our children at Chellow on both sites enjoying some musical festive treats, firstly with a visit from the excellent school choir from Bradford Grammar School and then from our visiting brass group, who entertained children and staff alike with some carols and Christmas tunes - Jingle Bells definitely proving to be the children's favourite.....with some fab accompaniment from our many budding drummers!

Busy Start to the new term....

Well it's been back to it with a bang and some excellent work across both sites from children that have 1-1 Music lessons to small group ensembles and whole class Music and Art work.  Our Elephants and Meerkats classes on our West site have been working hard learning all about Harvest Festival.  We talked about how we are happy that we can help people that don't have enough food to eat by giving and listened to different styles of music.  The classes painted while they listened to fast and uplifting music and also to slower classical music, and the finished Artwork (see below) will be presented in our Harvest Festival assemblies, where pupils will also perform their own musical compositions around the same theme.  Lot's of fun had by all and some great work - well done!

Chellow Beats perform in Centenary Square!

Our very own school band Chellow Beats, fresh from playing at Chellowfest on wednesday, gave a brilliant performance in the middle of Bradford to an audience of around 400 primary school children.  As always they were excellent and were a real hit with those listening.  We also enjoyed listening to a rock band on arrival and joined in with some Zumba before it was our turn to go on stage.  After St George's Hall in March and Chellowfest this concludes our 2016 tour!  Well done all - once again you did Chellow Heights proud....

World Music Day a great success!

On Tuesday 21st June we celebrated World Music Day.  Our South site were joined by 12 enthusiastic pupils and 6 staff from our West site for the day, during which we celebrated the Music that has made Britain great and known the world over. Classes celebrated the 1960's, 70's, 80's and 90's onwards and our pupils visited each 'decade' in turn.  In addition we enjoyed performances in the hall from our very own Chellow Beats group and a Mozart piano solo from one of our pupils, and rounded the day off with a whole school Music assembly, celebrating the genres of Classical Music and Jazz, before getting our dancing shoes on for a school wide disco of tracks from the decades.  

A special mention must go to our visitors though, as we were treated to a superb Reception Year choir from Newby Primary School, complete with soloist (!), and a visiting Year 6 girl band from St Stephens Primary School.  We are looking forward to playing for them at their school soon as well!  The final thanks is to all of our wonderful staff who once again entered into the spirit of the day and dressed as everything from hippies to rockers, punks to 90's boy bands and almost everything inbetween.  Thank you:-) 

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