Our School Aims

 At Chellow Heights

‘Every Child Matters’


'Every Child is Different'

as part of the co-location work we did with Heaton Primary our co-located school with Chellow West we came up with the phrase

'All Equal, All Different'

which we use as a school to celebrate our inclusive and personalised approach learning.

 We aim to:

      • provide a warm, safe and secure environment in which everyone is valued and respected, feels confident, included, happy and can enjoy life.
      • provide everyone with a communication system which helps them to be independent, make decisions, be sociable and have friends and allows them to share and achieve their personal goals.
      • ensure that pupils have a voice in all aspects of school life.
      • ensure that pupils are as healthy as possible and have opportunities to learn about making healthy choices.
      • offer a curriculum which is stimulating, challenging and fun and offers opportunities to develop independent mobility and life skills as well as curiosity and knowledge.
      • promote equality of opportunity across the wide range of needs in the school.
      • enable individuals to become informed responsible and caring through the use of appropriate learning and teaching styles and practice.
      • prepare our pupils for adulthood in order for them to become caring, confident and responsible citizens in the community.
      • promote a climate of high expectation in which the achievements and successes of all are celebrated.
      • foster an inclusive practice within the school and its wider community.
      • create a partnership as a school with our parents and carers and all other professionals working with our pupils and students.
      • evaluate current working practices to ensure work-life balance, staff well-being and good continuing professional development.
      • encourage individuals to participate in the growth and development of Chellow Heights School.

One of our parents summed up our school

by writing this poem about their view of our school 


Happy and


Laying the foundations of

                                                                                            Lasting curiosity through 

Openess, innovation and communication

With patience, confidentiality and dignity

         We use an

Holistic approach




                                                                                             Honesty and respect in a professional

                                                                                             Tolerant, caring and

                                                                                             Safe environment 

We aim to live up to this view of our school. 

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