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Chellow Attendance


At Chellow Heights we believe that regular attendance helps to support pupils to develop their knowledge and skills. We work hard to promote good attendance and reduce absence. 

Our attendance is below that which would normally be expected of mainstream schools due to the needs of our population.

The majority of our pupils having a medical need which requires attendance at specialist clinics or time in hospitals or a hospice. To try to support you we do hold paediatric clinics in school with consultants and allow specialist assessments in school where this is feasible. 

You can help us ensure good attendance by:

  1. Phoning school on day 1 of the absence. If your child is ill and will be off school we ask that you phone and let as know as soon as possible. If we are not sure as to the reason why your child is absent one of our attendance team will phone you to find out the reason.  
  2. Trying to make dentist and doctors appointments in the holidays or outside school hours. 
  3. Not taking holidays in term time.

Attendance Targets 

Each year on your child's school report we show your child's attendance for the year and set them an attendance target. Certificates are given out to pupils who achieve their targets each term and at the end of the year we celebrate those pupils who have had 100% attendance and those who have met their targets and those who have improved the most. 

We understand that for some pupils due to medical conditions daily attendance in school is not possible and our Home and Hospital Teacher is in regular contact with families, the hospitals or hospices providing advice, support and home tuition. For these pupils we will support you all we can to get them into school by working with other agencies.

Persistent Absence

The DfE sets a threshold for persistent absence.If a pupil is persistently absent if he or she does not attend for 10% or more of his or her possible sessions. Previously, this figure was 15%.

Where we have concerns about a pupil's attendance this is referred to our joint attendance team made up of school staff and health and social care staff. We may ask you to come in for an attendance meeting if we are not sure why your child is regularly absent from school. If we are still not happy we refer pupils to the Local Authority Educational Social Work Team and work with them to improve attendance. 




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