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Phonics and Reading Schemes

Many of the children at Chellow Heights are cognitively and developmentally functioning at pre phonics and reading levels. This means that they are not yet ready to learn these skills. 

With these children we work on the pre phonics skills of:

    • attention and eye contact
    • engagement
    • listening skills
    • communication skills and 
    • music skills which support them understanding beat, rhythm which in turn helps them to segment sentences and syllables the precursors to learning phonics. 

We work on the pre reading skills of

      • attention and eye contact
      • engagement
      • communication and language skills
      • gross and fine motor skills - to support ability to look at a book and turn pages
      • curiosity - to develop an interest in the world around them and information finding

Whilst many of our children would not be regarded as 'reading' most of our pupils develop symbolic reading and understanding early in their time at Chellow Heights as they move from using Objects of  Reference to pictures of real objects to symbols. This,to us, is the beginning steps of reading and so they are beginning to develop reading skills before they really have an understanding of communication.

Phonics Schemes

      • Staff are free to use whichever phonics schemes they feel will meet the needs of their pupils but the commercial systems used in school are:
      •  Letters and Sounds. Click the logo below to go to the website for more information. 
      • and Ruth Miskin's Read Write Inc. Click the logo below to go to the website for more information.

Reading Schemes

We use real books, massage books, sensory stories and tactile books in school and the reading scheme See and Learn. Click the logo to go to the website for more information.

We also have some Oxford Reading Tree material and some Sunshine books. The school has just admitted some more able readers and we are are in the process of agreeing which schemes will benefit them most or if we continue with a real books approach. 



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