Classes in our base are - Butterflies and Ducks.


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Butterflies - MTP curriculum planning

Butterflies - Enhanced Provision 

Ducks - Curriculum planning

Ducks - Continuous provision planning

Activities to do at home

Our Resources page has a new selection of videos and activities each week to support your learning at home.

Please click here for a link to our previous Homework tasks- Archive page.

General homework Ideas are also still available. 

Any individual class related resources are now on Class DOJO.

If you haven’t signed up yet, please contact school so your teacher can get in touch.




Our swimming day is: 

Our PE day is: 

Our Rebounds sessions are: 

Our food tech day is: Thursday 



Our swimming day is:  Monday  morning - temporarily out of action 

Our PE day is: Tuesday

Our food tech day is: Thursday

Our Rebounds sessions are: Tuesdays

Our weekly trip day is: Out of action until further notice