Early Years at Chellow Heights


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Who are we?

We have 4 Early Years classes.

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The Garden - South

The Garden - West

Our Early Years Lead is Beth. 

Our teachers are Ellie, Autumn and Chantelle on West and Natalie and Jenny on South.

We have 5 Early Years Practitioners too called Emma, Clare, Ruth and Jess.

We also have some Early Years Practitioners working in some of our Key Stage One classes. 

You can contact us on 01274 484242 (West)

01274 679972 (South) 

or through your child's home/school diary. 




Some of what you will find in our continuous provision classroom

Our Sand Play and Water Play – Here we like to dig, hide and seek with toys, making marks.  We  also have the chance to get wet, experiment with different colours/textures, pouring, making things move and again…many more   activities! We sometimes also have other things that we can use in our trays….such as shredded paper, cereal and soil.

Our Book Corner and Rest Area- where we like to sit and have a look at books. We may also do some singing here. We have lots of different textures and sizes of cushions, chairs and materials in here. If we need some quiet time, this is a really good space for us and if we need a little sleep, this is a perfect space for us. We have a listening centre here for us to listen to music or stories.

Our Small World Area – where we like to use dinosaurs, farm and zoo, dolls house, train track, cars and garage and our imagination during play. We now enjoy taking our Small World on trips into our other areas such as Construction to use during play there. We have a builder’s tray that we use a lot during Small World play along with a range of activity mats.

Our Construction Area - where we like to do a lot of building and constructing. We have lots of things to build with, including Megablocks, Wooden Blocks, and Duplo. We really enjoy mixing the different types together and come up with some wonderful models. We now use some of our Small World with our Construction to make our models a working piece of art! We also enjoy using other materials to build including boxes and building dens.

Our Role Play and Home Corner -where we like to do our Dressing Up, looking after our dolls, doing our cooking and rein-acting different roles (such as Doctor, police person). We also change our Role-Play area depending on what we are interested in at that time, (for example, a vets, garage and hospital).

Our Mark Making Area - where we have lots of different writing materials including chalks, pencils, crayons, paint and pens to use when ever we want. We have different sizes of paper for us to use to create our wonderful pictures.

Our Numeracy Area- We love to explore a range of different sized containers, pouring and filling, exploring with shape and numbers. We have the numbers on the wall and lots of puzzles, games, sorting and number activities that we can choose to play with. We like to play here on our own and sometimes with a grown up when we need some help!  We like to use our mark making materials in here too.

Our Messy/Creative and Malleable Area we like to construct with a range of materials, play dough, pasta and lots of more exciting things! We like rolling, squeezing, squashing, pulling and building in here. We also enjoy Messy Play with Shaving Foam/Beans/Jelly and lots more! We also have the opportunity in here to create our art masterpieces. We can choose what we want to use and make, and we do painting, sticking, drawing, chalking and anything else we can find to do and supporting our development of our fine and gross motor skills.

Our Computer Area Here we enjoy using a range of programs including making music, listening to stories and creating art work. We can use the screen, switches or the keyboard to help us. We really enjoy the Ipad and cause and effect toys here. We join in with action songs and rhymes here too. 

Outdoor Area- We can go outside whenever we want. We like to do lots of climbing, sliding, running, jumping and many other things using the outdoor equipment such as bats and balls, mats, footballs, riding on bikes, mark making, role playing, gardening and many, many more!

Our Music Area—We can use lots of different instruments to create our own sounds, rhythms, choose our own songs, join in with adults or play on our own. We have books and symbols to support us to make our choices and develop our Literacy skills. We also take part in lots of music activities as part of our group sessions and our Collective Act of Worship.

We also have a Self-Registration Board where we learn to recognise who we are from our  pictures or our names.


 We all have our favourite areas we like to play in and where we can find some of our favourite toys. Which is yours? 


Parent Information Packs

 When your child starts with us, as part of our Induction process we invite all Early Years parents to join us for our Welcome Coffee morning.

Here we give you lots of information on your child's new class and what you will need to bring to school and some of the things you will receive from us, for example homework.

It is also a really good chance for you to get to know the other parents in your child's class and to meet the staff and some of the other teams who may support you and your child during their time in school. 

Following from this coffee morning, after a few weeks, once your child has chosen their key worker, we send home your Parent Information Pack.

Please see our Parent's Information page for more details.