Welcome to India base!

Classes in our base are: Monkeys, Tigers and Lions.


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Our topic this half term is 'Reflections' please scroll down to our class topic webs to see some of the fun activities we all have planned. 

Activities to do at home

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 Our Key Curriculum coverage in our base


Our swimming day is: Thursday 
Our PE day is:  Tuesday
Our Rebound session is:





Our swimming day is: Wednesday
Our PE day is: Friday
Our Rebound session is on: Wednesday




Our swimming day is: Tuesday AM (girls) Friday PM (boys)
Our PE day is: Thursday PM
Our Rebound session is on: Friday AM

Monkeys Class 20-21

Hello Monkeys Class. Our topic this For Summer 1 is Reflections.

   Our Sensory book this half term is 'The Rainbow Fish'. This lovely book supports our theme   of under the sea. It will also help us to explore reflective and shiny materials plus friendship   skills.   

  Please take a look at our topic web below to see some of the things we have planned this       half term.   


Tiger's Class 

Welcome to Summer Term 1

 Hello Tigers! This half term our topic is 'Reflections' and our story focus is 'Whatever Next!' We will be sharing sensory and massage stories in class and will be exploring the themes of reflections, space and the moon.  We will be exploring shiny materials and objects that reflect light. 

Please refer to the overview planning below for further details. Please contact me via ClassDojo with any questions :)

Lions Class

Welcome to Lion's class page!

This half term our topic is REFLECTION!

Our topic story is 'Commotion in the Ocean'.

We will be focusing on colour patterns, what lives under the sea, objects that float and sink and reflection.  

Take a look at our topic web below :)