Music Therapy

Welcome to Mike our Music Therapist on West and Maria our Music Therapist on South.

Music Interventions are provided by our specialist music teacher and our 2 music therapists.  They provide 1:1 and small group sessions which support our pupils in many areas including, joint attention, concentration, listening, turn taking, sequencing, self-confidence and of course musical skills.  We form part of Bradford’s Musical Extravaganza, performing yearly at St Georges Hall, we also hold our very own yearly music festival: Chellow Fest, where we celebrate our musical talents and host guest performers!

Hi everyone, sometimes we can all feel a little intimidated if we are expected to do something outside of our ‘comfort zone’! Playing, singing, and making music can for some people be quite daunting, or even a little scary! So this video is just an introduction to a way of looking at getting used to singing along to simple songs, but particularly allowing that little bit of extra time for our younger ones to create their own sounds/words at the end of a line within a song.  Don’t forget – in music therapy there isn’t such a thing as a wrong sound or wrong word – it is just about having a go!

Some of the songs in this resource area might say ‘(with spaces)’ – which means i have just slowed the song down a little to allow this to happen.  You could even pause the video if you wanted to give more time.  If you just want to sing the song straight through without slowing then choose the song that doesn’t say ‘(with spaces)’!

So just have a go and have fun!!

Twinkle, Twinkle, – (with spaces)

The next two videos are of a lovely song called

‘There’s a Worm at the Bottom of the Garden’

The first version has the little spaces once again at the end of some of the lines, the second one moves straight through.

Have lots of fun and make sure you wiggle – good physio workout!!


‘There’s a Worm at the Bottom of the Garden’….(with spaces)

‘There’s a Worm at the Bottom of the Garden’…………(with lyrics)

Hi everyone and a Happy Monday!!

The words of this next song  – or ‘lyrics’ as they are known – are really easy to learn –

‘This little light of mine, i’m gonna let it shine’ x 3 times, then ‘Let it shine, let it shine, let it shine’

Then for the other verses just change ‘light’ for ‘smile’, ‘heart’, or even choose another word that you feel is important or special!


‘This Little Light of Mine’….(with spaces)

‘This Little Light of Mine’

The Rainbow Song

As far as i know this version of a rainbow song originates from New Zealand, but i haven’t been able to trace and give credit to whoever wrote it, but thank you to them for a bright and catchy melody!

I’ve enlisted the help of a friend of mine, who is an artist called Sarah Aspinall.  You may want to copy how she paints the rainbow, and then uses wax, and maybe you might want to pause the video as you paint!!

Finally if you want to view the lyrics of the song they can be found on the following slide, beautifully designed by my own daughter, Lorna!

Maybe you might want to print these off and begin to compile your own songbook!

Have fun!

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