Information about Our School

Visitors to Chellow West are advised to use the postcode BD9 6RY if using a SAT NAV as this will take you to the correct end of Thorn Lane which is a gated road.

The links below will take you to important information about our school.

If you have any questions please ask us.

You can find our contact details on our contact page.

Please be aware that the website is not monitored and so it may take a couple of days to respond to emails. Thank you for your patience.









At Chellow Heights, we have an 'open door' policy for our parents and carers. However, we take safeguarding and the dignity of our pupils seriously and advise you that you will be asked to wait until someone comes to collect you or is available to escort you.  

We are open and honest about our policies and procedures.  You can click the links on the left hand side or below to open documents, or to be redirected to other webpages containing our key information. 

If you would like a hard copy of any of the information contained below please contact the school and we will arrange this for you. This  is free for parents of pupils at the school but for non Chellow Parents or other interested people we reserve the right to charge for producing hard copies. 

If you would like a copy of the School Prospectus please email us through the Contacts page.

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