Governor Structure 2018-19

Structure of the Governing Body.

Governors at Chellow Heights resolved in 2015-16 to have the following Governor Structure:

  • 1 x LA Governor
  • 2 x parent governors
  • 2 x community  governors
  • 1 x ex officio governor (headteacher)

It also co-opted 2 x associate governors for their experience and advice but they have voting rights

The Governing Body takes its responsibilities very seriously. Where they are required to make decisions statutorily as a Full Governing Body these decisions are made at the Full Governing Body meetings. However, they are very pragmatic and have worked together for some time and trust each other and the Chair who has powers to make decisions on their behalf in emergencies.

The two Chairs of governors from Chellow Heights and Beechcliffe Schools are responsible for Executive Headteachers Performance Management

Committees for exclusions, complaints, appeals etc. are formed as required. 

The governors also have a co-operative agreement with the other District Achievement Partnership (DAP) schools to work co-cooperatively where schools are struggling to recruit governors or who do not have enough governors available for appeals committees etc.

The Chair of Governors is an active member of the DAP Heads and Chairs group and the DAP Heads group. 


Buildings, Finance & Staffing Committee  (Chair John )

The Finance, Buildings and Staffing Committee meet half termly to review all aspects of the school staffing, finances, buildings and health and safety.  

They discuss staffing issues, the staffing structure, staffing concerns raised by the staffing questionnaire

It has delegated powers to review policies and make decisions linked to staffing and community issues and to recommend these to the full governing body It recommends the draft school budget to the Full Governors Meeting for discussion and approval. .and also  and to make financial spending decisions in line with our Finance Policy.It reviews and recommends the teachers staff pay increments to the full governing body in line with the Appraisal Policy. 

Members of the committee will support recruitment and selection in school and may attend meetings with the LA to discuss the buildings and finance if required. 

Governors: Exec Headteacher, John, Shelagh , Sue T, Maria 

Co-opted: Business Manager Claire .

Curriculum and Standards Meetings ( Chair: Anne)

The Curriculum and Standards Committee meets half termly. They look at all aspects of the school curriculum, standards and pupil progress and target setting. They have delegated powers to review policies and make recommendations including  any statutory policies for sign off by the full Governing Body. They receive updates from curriculum teams and Anne, Lead for Teaching and Learning. They are expected to complete at least one learning walk on each site annually. They will look at examples of work. They are also expected to compare our curriculum and standards to those of other schools locally and nationally.

Governors: Executive Headteacher, Anne, Trefor, Beth, Caroline, Maria.

Executive Headteacher Appraisal and Performance Management Committee

This committee meets annually to appraise the executive headteacher's performance and to set targets for the following year. A member of the committee will meet with the headteacher to review their performance mid year. This committee also recommends on headteachers pay.

Governors:  John (Chair, Chellow Heights),Heather  (Chair, Beechcliffe School)

External Consultant: Dave Smith  

Other Committees and Panels

Other committees such as an exclusions or appeals panels will be formed from appropriate available governors as required. 

Individual Governors with specific responsibilities will meet with appropriate staff in school and report back to the full governors as appropriate. 

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