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Facebook & Twitter

The school has a Facebook and Twitter page. These were developed at the request of parents. They are spaces where we share news and information. We also use them to get messages out quickly to families and staff. 

We do include photos of events etc. on these social media pages. We use these responsibly and only include pupil photos where we have permission by parents to do so. 

We encourage you to be responsible for your child's access to the internet. ( please see our parents guides to e-safety). 

 Our Facebook Page has a private parents groups page where parents can share the work that children have done whilst remote learning, ideas of activities and can request some support.

 You can like us  and follow us on Facebook by clicking on the logo below.

or by pasting the address below in your browser.  


Our Twitter page is usually used to give out quick messages about school such as on school snow closure days, to announce up and coming events like fundraisers or to share our support for the other special schools we are linked with.

and on Twitter  you can find us using @chellow heights

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