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Mental Health and Wellbeing

At Chellow Heights we understand the importance of mental wellbeing for pupils, staff, families and carers.

The Haven Team support children’s social, emotional and mental health. They provide a number of therapeutic interventions helping our pupils to process their emotions, thoughts and feelings in a positive way.

We have a number of Mental Health First Aiders across the school who are available to support both staff and pupils. They are the first point of contact for mental health concerns providing advice and signposting. We also have a number of staff Wellbeing Warriors promoting an ethos of positive wellbeing across school.

Our Mental Health First Aiders in school are:

  • Helen Willett
  • Hazel Travers
  • Maria Khan
  • Pam Dehal
  • Maria Mahmood
  • Lucy Pitman
  • Barry Tonge

At Chellow Heights we believe our approach is:

Inclusive, challenging, holistic, compassionate, professional, encouraging, consistent, energetic, happy and innovative.

                                                                       Zones of Regulation Flash Cards Autism/learning Disability PECS Ring ...

We understand how important feelings are. We use regulation stations in our Green pathway to encourage our children to manage how they are feeling.

In our Blue pathway we believe sensory integration is key.  ‘Sensory integration refers to the processing, integration, and organisation of sensory information from the body and the environment. Simply put, this means how we experience, interpret and react to (or ignore) information coming from our senses. Sensory integration is important in all the things that we need to do on a daily basis, such as getting dressed, eating, moving around, socialising, learning and working’.

Useful links:

In our red pathway we work hard to build trusting relationships with our parents. 

School are members of Bradford Local Authority Mental Health Champions Network, receiving guidance and support from the Educational Psychology Team.

If you or anyone you know is struggling with their mental health the organisations below may be able to help:

Local NHS urgent mental health helpline for Bradford – Tel: 0800 952 1181

Your GP or doctor’s surgery