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About Chellow

Chellow Heights School West and South.

Chellow Heights is a generic special school for learners aged 2 – 11 years. We are based on two sites. The main site is in the west of Bradford, located within a campus of schools, Heaton Primary, Belle Vue Girls High School, Beckfoot Upper Heaton Academy  and  High Park School an all age school for  Communication and Interaction. Our second, smaller site is in the south of Bradford at Low Moor. It is not co-located.

Our pupils come from across Bradford and reflect the diverse population of the district. Pupils attending Chellow Heights School are learning at levels below those expected of their mainstream peers and their needs can best be met in a special school rather than a mainstream school. Our pupils usually have a Statement of Educational Needs or an Educational Health and Care Plan (EHCP) which names Chellow Heights as an appropriate school. A  minority come to us on an assessment placement before a Statement or EHCP has been issued or finalised. All pupils are placed with us by the Local Authority. (For more information please see our Admissions page.)

The vast majority of pupils also have a range of physical, medical, sensory, communication and social, emotional and mental health needs which may impact on their ability to learn and may result in the need for additional support through specific interventions with one or more of our Intervention Teams(Click here to go to our Waved Interventions page). For many pupils their additional medical needs also impact on their ability to attend school. We have close links with the NHS. (Click here to go to our nursing support team’s page)

The school opened in April 2010 with 54 pupils we now have over 250 children on roll over the two sites.  The west site is built on two floors and has 17 classrooms and other specialist rooms  The south site is a single story building designed for 49 pupils and has 74 on roll. It also has some specialist areas. (see specialist areas page) We are still developing both sites with new areas to help our pupils develop and learn our main focus this year is to develop a small animals pet area in our field on the South, Low Moor Site and to further develop the Sensory Gardens on both sites and the Forest School area on the south. A new five year business plan will be published shortly showing our priorities future developments.