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Music for all children is a strength of the school. We ensure that pupils have the opportunity to play, experience and appreciate music in all it's forms. We have regular visits from musicians including the Plumber Drummer and Brass Bands. We run a Singing and Signing choir too.

We provide music and movement through sessions led by Holmes Dance Academy and Flamingo Chicks. Pupils take part in performances within school and the local community.

We believe that making music allows children that are non verbal or who have limited verbal language to be heard. Music therapy provides a forum for each child to be creative and empowers children by offering them choices, increase motivation, and encourage physical activity and coordination. The benefits of music therapy are hugely powerful. 

At Chellow Heights, we are delighted that we are able to provide highly trained Nordoff Robbins music therapists on both of our sites. You can find out more using the link below :